Volume 3 - Issue 9 May 1, 2018


As we approach Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 15, I want to alert you to a number of items that are on the agenda that are relevant to our schools. As always, the key part of Town Meeting for the schools is the support of the our annual budget (Article 15). As I have previously discussed, we are requesting a 3.65% increase to our budget - 2.81% of which is to continue level services and .84% will be used toward new spending. Specifically, our new spending is focused on ensuring that the new Anne Bradstreet Early Childhood Center has the appropriate faculty and staff to open this coming September.

Another exciting discussion that will take place at Town Meeting is the proposal to create a multi-generational Recreation Complex on the field space between the Middle School, Atkinson School and the Bradstreet ECC. This project has the potential to transform this space in a manner that could benefit

not only the schools but the entire Town. It is the most comprehensive open space/recreational improvement project ever undertaken in the history of the Town. Finally, I want to ensure that you are aware of the proposal to build a new Senior Center as part of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). As you may know, this involves building a new Senior Center on Sutton Street on donated land. It is exciting to see that the CIP continues to fund new buildings here in North Andover with the Senior Center being the seventh project proposed under the Facilities Master Plan.

I look forward to seeing you on May 15 at 7 pm at the High School. Remember there is childcare available, and we ask that you register in advance through Community Programs. To access Community Pass, click on the orange box, labeled Online Portal, in the upper left-hand corner of the page.


April is Poetry Month at NAPS and Stevens Memorial Library

"Poetree" at Stevens Memorial Library

Poetry is in the air this April as community members and NAPS students were asked to pin their creation or favorite poem on the Poetree at the Stevens Memorial Library.

Jr. Poets Laureate Allison Maher, Mia Imparato, Christine Spinosa, and Courtney Francoeur

NAHS students held a poetry jam in the high school library on April 13 and at the same time recognized its four new Junior Poets Laureate.

NAMS 8th grade students explored blackout poetry by taking a marker (usually black) to already established text–as in a newspaper–and redacting words until a poem is formed. The text AND redacted text form a sort of visual poem. Another form of poetry explored is called Spine Poetry, a photo meme that involves lining up or stacking books in a particular order so the titles on the book spines create a poem.

The Poetry Contest happens every April at all five elementary schools as a way of celebrating National Poetry Month. Students work on poetry projects in their library classes, and are encouraged to write and submit the poems they either write at home or in other classes. This year, the library poetry lessons were focused on Poetry and STEM activities, with students creating "magna-tile" poems, spine label poems, and coding poems using new STEM cart supplies. This year's winners of the poetry contest are:

Atkinson School - Polina Fedina (K-2) and Cooper Goldberg (3-5)

Franklin School - Talen Wassaf (K-2) and Manav Patel (3-5)

Kittredge School - Sloan Costa (K-2) and Keira Rivers (3-5)

Sargent School - Brooklyn Horndahl (K-2) and Anika Bhatnagar (3-5) and Special Commendation Sadie Campion (3-5)

Thomson School - Liliana Abate (K-2) and Caleb Krause (3-5)

Educator Hall of Fame Nominations due by June 30

In 2009, the North Andover School Committee established an Educator Hall of Fame to recognize North Andover educators for their dedicated service teaching, inspiring and challenging North Andover students.

Nomination packets are due by June 30th and may be submitted electronically via the district website or nominator’s may use the downloadable form and send to:

North Andover School District c/o Vice Chair of the School Committee Educator Hall of Fame Nomination 566 Main Street North Andover, MA 01845

Educator Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • 2017 - Edward Martin
  • 2016 - Kevin McCarthy
  • 2014 - Kathleen Callagy
  • 2014 - Anne Ericson
  • 2013 - Mary Lou Lynch
  • 2012 - John Minihan
  • 2011 - Judith Hillner
  • 2011 - Gerald Sandford
  • 2009 - Arthur Forgetta

Mark your calendar for North Andover's first Race Amity Day Celebration

North Andover Public Schools and Stevens Memorial Library will be celebrating Race Amity Day on Sunday, June 10 from 10 am to noon at the High School Cafeteria and Courtyard. Admission is free and will include a number of activities celebrating different cultures. (The Race Amity website, which will be operational in a week or two, will have details regarding Race Amity and the activities planned for the celebration on June 10).

DIstrict spotlight

Nothing but Gold - High School Choral Program Under the Direction of Sara Durkin Continues to Impress!

NAHS Concert Choir

North Andover High School’s remarkable Choral Director, Sara Durkin, and her very talented choral groups have been striking it rich in the medal department this year! The NAHS Concert Choir, Treble Chorus (newly formed this year), and Scarlet and Black Singers, were the only groups to win a gold medal rating among the ensembles in their judging group at the MICCA Choral Festival in Westborough on March 25. The gold medal rating earned the choral groups an invitation to perform in the 20th annual MICCA Gold Medal Showcase on Sunday, April 8 in Worcester. The groups solidified their gold medal rating at the WorldStrides National Choral Competition in Boston on April 13 through 15 when all 3 choirs earned the Adjudicator Awards, averaging over 96 out of 100, the only choral groups to do so at the festival. Additionally, the choral groups earned the Choral Sweepstakes Award for having the highest scoring choral department. Incredibly, the Scarlet and Black Singers earned the award for the highest scoring choral group at the festival with an average of 98 out of 100, and treble choir member and pianist Jordan Mongell earned an Ovation Award for his amazing job accompanying the Concert Choir. Because of their successes, all 3 choirs have been invited to either perform in Carnegie Hall or participate in the Festival of Gold next year.

Scarlet and Black Singers

Treble Chorus

Trophies and Awards


Stem Exhibition by 8th Grade NAMS Students by Kara Larcome, STEM Coordinator

Every 8th grade science student develops a STEM Project that demonstrates their understanding of a scientific concept and their ability to apply the science and engineering practices necessary to engage in scientific inquiry or engineering design. Students come up with a question that is testable and requires evidence to answer or a problem that they would like to solve. Students start the process in the library to research their chosen topic. Then they develop their hypothesis or proposed solution to their problem. After that, they spend approximately two months testing their ideas before sharing their results with their classmates. The top ten projects from each team are entered into a friendly competition. North Andover High School AP Science

and Honors Robotics students serve as judges using a 65 point rubric with nine categories to analyze the projects displays. In addition, students are judged on their ability to verbally communicate their results and their depth of knowledge when examined by the NAHS students who ask questions and engage in dialogue with the finalists. Each year the projects have become increasingly stronger, and this year the NAHS students were blown away by the expertise of the 8th grade students. All 8th grade students shared their projects with the community during the 5th Annual 8th Grade STEM Exhibition at NAHS on the evening of April 5th. Congratulations to student participants and the winners!

Award Project Title

Biology Power Plants - Tyler Murray

Chemistry Caffeine Extraction - Anthony McCann

Earth/Environmental Food: Too Good To Waste - Sonia Marnoto

Physics/Engineering Purification of Not So Pure Water - Ethan Francolla

Overall (from Biology) Catching My Breath - Jack Determan


NAHS Model United Nations Club by Paul Myette

If you want to feel good about the future of our planet, watch a group of high school students spend Saturday debating ways to improve access to clean water in underdeveloped nations. That is just one of the topics taken on by the NAHS Model United Nations Club. Twice a year these students travel to conferences where they are assigned a country and a current issue, which they must then debate from that country’s point of view. This year NAHS MUN traveled to Philadelphia, to compete in the Ivy League Model UN Conference for the first time. Meeting with students from top schools around the country, NAHS students jumped right into the debate. Their resolutions may not carry any official weight yet, but they’re well prepared to take the reins when their time comes.

Donna Straight, Assistant superintendent of Student Services

There is an exciting new program at the NA High School created and taught by Special Education Teachers Ms. Tara Early and Mr. Ryan Burr. The S.T.A.R. (Students Transitioning to Adult Responsibilities) Program, for students aged 14 - 22 years old, provides opportunities to participate in various vocational learning experiences throughout the school day. The initial lessons center on building our students’ independence with the important daily living skills, functional life skills and vocational skills training. Our students have had growing opportunities in our high school building and our local community to apply the learned skills in a functional and meaningful way. With an eye on achieving adult living skills, through pre-teaching and generalizing skills, students experience real-world jobs in the areas of food production, secretarial responsibilities, consumer service, landscaping, and customer service.

These opportunities include: running and managing a school store that sells locks, schools supplies, and food items to students and staff; starting a mail delivery service where they retrieve and bring mail to staff around the building; and, assembling gift and informational bags for different programs in the North Andover community.

They have also started a morning coffee cart for staff members once per week, manage a box tops program, and maintain plants in the school greenhouse. We also have daily vocational jobs at Stachey’s Pizza and Jaime’s Restaurant in North Andover (big shout out to our local restaurants!) where students clean and set up the dining area, as well as fold pizza boxes. If you have purchased a pizza from Stachey’s, chances are, we have folded that box!

The S.T.A.R. Program’s continued emphasis on building vocational skills, functional life skills, and daily living skills; along with incorporating the principles of RAISE, provide our students with the best opportunity to reach the ultimate goal of a high level of independence and working a job after graduation.

Tweet of the Month

Had a great time at Biography Day @KindKangaroos with the Kennedys, Alexander Graham Bell, Johnny Appleseed and our local Poets.

School Committee Update

The May School Committee meetings are:

May 3, 2018 - 7 pm


May 17, 2018 - 7 pm

566 Main Street

Central Office Conference Room