6th Grade

6th Grade: Middle School Transition 

Sixth-grade scholars will learn organizational skills, gain leadership skills and develop social-emotional skills to aid with their transition to middle school. Our approach includes developing rigorous programming, engaging in experiential learning, and providing opportunities for youth leadership. 

Scholars participating in a science experiment.

Scholars participating in a science experiment.

6th Grade Academic Team

Please click here for a list of teacher and staff members' email addresses. 

STARI Intervention

The New York State Department of Education requires schools to provide Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to assist students in meeting graduation requirements. These services will supplement the instruction provided in the general classroom setting. AIS is determined based upon an individual's performance in relationship to school benchmarks (Including the i-Ready Benchmark assessment), NYS assessments, report cards, and teacher recommendations. New Heights currently uses the STARI  reading intervention program to support AIS implementation. 

STARI actively engages students in discussions of cognitively challenging content aligned to the Common Core and other 21st century standards.  This service will provide support to assist your child in reaching his/her academic potential, building critical thinking skills, and achieving common core expectations.  

Experiential Learning

New Heights scholars have the opportunity to bridge classes with real-life experiences on trips. Check out some of the places our scholars have visited through the years.