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7th Grade Teacher, reviewing the fundamentals of scholar leadership.

Academics at New Heights

The academic programming at New Heights Middle School challenges every scholar to strive for excellence in all academic subjects. We equip scholars with foundational knowledge, skills, and scholarly habits necessary for success in an academically rigorous environment. We offer courses that are designed to assess students' strengths and address areas of growth for each scholar.

All scholars take core academic classes: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. New Heights also provides classes in dance, arts, character development, foreign language, and physical education. With regular assessments in Mathematics and English, scholars receive specialized intervention courses designed to provide the appropriate support to ensure scholars are on grade level.

Grading Platforms

Jupiter Ed

Jupiter Ed is an online program designed to help families remain informed about their child’s progress. Families can log in anytime to check their child’s current grade, homework assignment, assessment performance, track progress of completion on each assignment. Please contact, Parent Coordinator, Ms. Williams if you need any assistance with accessing Jupiter Grades.

Google Classroom

The learning platform for remote and blended learning is Google Classroom. While scholars will have other applications for reading assessments such as iReady and mathematics assessments such as Ascend Math, all assignments will be located in Google Classroom.

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6th Grade

Picture of a Scholar

7th Grade

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8th Grade

Scholar at New Heights

Mahalia Jackson Honors Academy

The Mahalia Jackson Honors Academy is an academically competitive and selective program at New Heights. This academy allows 7th and 8th-grade scholars to take New York State Regents examinations in Mathematics, United States History, and Living Environment (Science). Scholars in this academy have the opportunity to receive high school credits during their time at New Heights Middle School.

To learn more about this program at New Heights, please email

Special Education Supports

We employ diverse strategies and interventions to help scholars excel at New Heights. Families can request an Individualized Education Plan assessment to determine if there is a need for additional services to support academic growth and/or request a 504 Plan for special health-related accommodations.

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) and New York State Regulations, only specific people may make an initial Request for Initial Evaluation. Please speak with the Special Education Coordinator at New Heights to learn more about this process.

If you believe your child could benefit from additional services that can assist with their success at New Heights, please contact the Parent Coordinator to set up an appointment with the Special Education Coordinator.

Please checkout the link to the NYC Family Guide to Special Education Services for School-Age Children:

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