The following alphabetical list comprises a wide range of LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming faith communities in the MetroWest and Boston area, as well as on-line, national LGBTQ+ affirming faith organizations. While inclusive of many religions, this list is by no means exhaustive.


OutBreath: Boston

  • A vibrant community for all LGBTQ+ people interested in mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism. OutBreath works across all lineages of Buddhism creating LGBTQ+ affirming meditation classes, community events and retreats.

Christian - Catholic

  • A progressive and inclusive community of LGBTQ+ Catholics and their allies, also a chapter member of DignityUSA. Services and socializing are Sunday evenings at St. Stephen's Church in Boston.

  • A community of Catholic people, named A Pilgrims People, working together to make the rich tradition and spirituality of their Catholic faith available and accessible to all people.
  • A Journey Through Time, written by Tim Ronan about the founding of this Ecumenical Catholic Community faith community.

  • A Roman Catholic community which has a diverse and vibrant community, committed to peace, justice for all and service. Their website states, "St. Cecilia Church welcomes LGBTQ Catholics to worship God, to speak openly and safely, and to embrace Jesus' call to to unconditional love."
  • Rainbow Ministry: A ministry of St. Cecilia's Church working to help LGBTQ Catholics seek reconciliation with the Church. Organizes Lenten speakers, has volunteer and social opportunities.

  • A Catholic community that welcomes all people and works for social justice, healing and reconciliation within the Church.

Christian - Protestant

  • A Christian-based Unitarian church that is welcoming and loving to all.

  • First Church is part of the United Church of Christ and Congregational Church and is an open and affirming congregation in downtown Natick.

  • A Presbyterian congregation where all are welcome.
  • More Light Presbyterians: A FPCW ministry working to advocate for the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ in the church community.

  • A faith community in the Episcopal tradition. Every Sunday, the Grace congregation hears their pastor say, "Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here."
  • LGBTQ+ in Grace Episcopal Church

  • A Methodist congregation who care about love, spiritual growth and social justice for all and "welcomes queer folk".
  • Pastor Steve's Statement on LGBTQ+ in the church.

  • An Episcopal Church, in downtown Natick, which is welcoming and affirming to all people.

Trinity Church: Northborough

  • A welcoming and affirming church of all people, it is affiliated with United Church of Christ (UCC) and American Baptist Churches.

  • A diverse UU congregation, which reflects the social and economic characteristics common to UU churches in the region.

  • In 2000, UU of Wellesley voted for the formal designation of being a "Welcoming Congregation", which means they are committed to the LGBTQ+ community.

  • A Methodist and United Church of Christ faith, the UPA asserts it is a welcoming, open and affirming church community. In April 2000, the UPA adopted the "Open & Affirming & Reconciling" statement confirming its commitment to LGBTQ+ people.


  • Meaning "seekers of justice", Dorshei Tzedek is an inclusive, welcoming and participatory congregation.


  • A local chapter of the national organization, Affirmation, is an inclusive faith community for LGBTQ+ Mormons and their families/friends. Some chapters meet regularly and others are smaller groups who meet socially and/or informally, contact this chapter directly for more information.


  • QMOB seeks to build their community of LGBTQ+ Muslims and meets monthly in the Greater Boston area. QMOB is committed to increasing the visibility of all queer Muslims while maintaining and respecting individual privacy.

  • An annual retreat in Philadelphia, PA, this event is sponsored by the Muslim Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity (MASGD) and organized by a group of volunteers from across the country. Intended for all LGBTQ+ Muslims, the retreat is filled with meaningful dialogue and spiritual fulfillment.


  • An inclusive, "love-centered" community of many different beliefs, cultures and generations who come together to worship and find "common ground in Love".

Online Faith Communities

  • An inclusive, national organization for LGBT Mormons and their families and friends. With numerous groups for LGBTQ Mormons, from youth to transgender to women, Affirmation sponsors conferences, retreats and Pride events for their LGBTQ members and allies.

  • An affirming organization to unite Catholic LGBTQ+ people, their families and loved ones in order to develop leadership and promote reform in the Catholic Church.

  • A group of Catholic parents of LGBTQ+ sons and daughters sharing their message of unconditional love and respect for their families, and advocating and working within the Church for change.

  • For Hindus and Vaishnavas who identify as LGBTQ+, this website offers faith support and information to LGBTQ+ people and their allies.

  • A comprehensive list of Jewish LGBT organizations around the country and the world that are either social, spiritual, educational, political, or all of the above.

  • A national organization that works for full LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in Jewish life, including training leaders in the Jewish community to assure that LGBTQ+ people are safe, affirmed and celebrated in Jewish life.

  • The MASGD works to support, advocate and empower LGBTQ+ Muslims and aims to increase the acceptance of gender and sexual diversity within Muslim communities.

  • A faith-based, grassroots, international human rights organization seeking the traditional Qur'anic values of equality and social justice for all.
  • MVP LGBTQ+ Resources: A list of national and international resources, organizations, lecture and literary projects supporting LGBTQ+ Muslim people.

LGBTQ+ Faith Publications

  • A Human Rights Campaign (HRC) publication for Catholics who are trying to lead the way toward a more welcoming and affirming stance within the Church and for those who are seeking a way back toward their familiar and beloved faith.

  • An HRC publication aimed at LGBTQ+ American Muslims. Hearing from a wide variety of Muslim voices, this guide offers ideas and suggestions toward living more fully in their LGBTQ+ identity and incorporating their Muslim faith and traditions.

  • An HRC publication for Jewish people who identify as LGBTQ+ and want to live fully and out within their Jewish faith community.

  • An HRC publication for and about LGBTQ+ Mormons who are seeking to live honestly and openly within their Mormon faith. Information includes LGBTQ+ resources, suggestions and insights from other Mormons.

  • A PFLAG publication, this booklet understands and addresses that when learning a loved one is LGBTQ+ it may raise questions about your own faith and beliefs that had been taken for granted your whole life. Using personal experiences, this publication "provides examples for reconciling your faith with the knowledge that a loved one is LGBTQ, and your desire to love and support them".

  • An overview of many faith positions on LGBTQ+ people and the issues that affect them, published by the Human Rights Campaign.