The Gender & Sexuality Resource was funded by the Innovative Care Coordination grant from the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts.

We would like to thank Representative Jack Lewis, former Executive Director of Out MetroWest, for sharing his insight, expertise, and “pearls of wisdom” that greatly assisted in the success of this project.

Sincere gratitude goes to Bob Tetirick for his passion and prose in writing the welcome statement of this GenSex Resource. His constant feedback, encouragement, and support throughout the course of this project were of immense value.

We are extremely appreciative of Christina Maryland, Communications Specialist of Natick Public Schools, for her expert assistance in the design and development of this resource and her never-ending patience with all technical and communication support.

We are enormously grateful to Marie Caradonna, Youth Specialist at Out MetroWest and T.J. Rufo, French Teacher at Natick High School, for their diligent proofreading of this online resource. Their thoughtful and constructive feedback was invaluable in the completion of this project.

Thank you to Valerie K. Frias, Executive Director of Greater Boston PFLAG, for sharing her professional experience and own list of LGBTQ+ resources; as well as helping to start up the very first GSA Club at our Kennedy Middle School.

Thankfulness and appreciation to all those who helped make this project successful, especially the LGBTQ+ youth for whom we have the utmost respect and admiration. It is ultimately your voice that needs to be heard in order to make a difference in our community and world. Thank you!