Education breeds confidence,

Confidence breeds hope,

Hope breeds PEACE.


The following pages contain information as it pertains to education. This includes LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum ideas and tools for educators, LGBTQ+ friendly colleges for guidance counselors and families, suggested "how to's" to develop comprehensive school policies for LGBTQ+ students and athletes, and more.

According to GLSEN's National School Climate research, 4 evidence-based interventions improve the feeling of school-connectedness and safety of LGBTQ students.

1. District-wide LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum, in all grades preK-12.

2. Supportive student clubs, such as Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Clubs.

3. Professional development to raise LGBTQ+ awareness and support among teachers.

4. School district nondiscrimination and anti-bullying policies that include the protected categories of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity". In Massachusetts, it is the law!