MQCC® CRYPTDO™: The Original Crypto™

April 9, 2005 - 2021+

The World's First; The World's Best.™ Home of the World's First Conformity Science-based Cryptographically-secured Digital Objects: CRYPTDO™

Commencing at least as early as April 9, 2005 at The World's First Peer-to-Peer Electronic Finance System™

Official Crypto of the Metaverse™

Trusted in 118+ Countries


The commercial application of correct and proper principles of conformity science.

What BLOCKCHAIN is, what BLOCKCHAIN™ does; what BITCOIN™ is, what BITCOIN does; what CRYPTO is, what CRYPTO does.™

What is a Conformity Science-based Cryptographically-secured Digital Object?


  • a binary digit or non-binary digit utility token

  • applied to create an economic or financial function or non-economic, non-financial function

  • generically known as:

          • utility tokens

          • financial tokens

          • conformity tokens

          • regulatory tokens

          • quality tokens

          • proof-of-ownership tokens

          • proof-of-stake tokens

          • and more

To learn more about correct and proper crypto standards, systems, technology, services and products; and conformity science, the science of crypto, please visit the MQCC Universe™ home to the world's first commercialized metaverse, MQCC PROTOMETAVERSE™: THE MASTER METAVERSE™ at the below websites, including:

See below for more references not a complete list, but a great start for learning.