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Entrance for the foundation on the Pine Street side.

140 Genesee Street

Rooms 1-3

Lockport, NY 14094

716-280-3572 Phone

716-249-3388 Fax

Wednesday & Thursday

Friday by appt only

8180 Greiner Road, Williamsville, NY 14221


Mondays & Tuesdays

What is the ROI when helping others? Peoples lives- PRICELESS.

The Morlock Foundation is a registered non-profit in Western New York dedicated to providing support for community members who have or are experiencing trauma.

If you are currently experiencing a crisis and need immediate support,

please dial 911.

Goal Statement

1. We envision a future where individuals and families do not fall between the cracks, but have the ability to get help through community services.

2. We strive to help as many individuals and families as possible to not only survive, but flourish in the community.

3. We aspire to be a widely recognized support organization, providing compassionate care by our understanding staff, and providing client centered services

4. In collaboration with other agencies and university/college we aim to create a unique support system for both clients and members of the community. Facilitating learning and recognizing that everyone has something to offer.

Beyond Trauma: Improving the value of YOU!