Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Our History

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) was founded in 1899 by Straits-born Chinese gentlemen who believed in offering girls an education that could match their male counterparts.

Today, the School continues to educate and empower girls with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to be world-ready women leaders with 21st century competencies.

The SCGS education philosophy is committed to providing a holistic education based on a bedrock of timeless values and rich heritage. We are committed to building an environment that fosters individual excellence and achievement based on every pupil’s personal characteristics, needs, interests and aptitude.

Our Programmes

SCGS has been offering the Integrated Programme (IP) and GCE O-Level Programme since 2013.

We have an excellent track record in the GCE O-Level Examinations. Our 6-year IP, leading to the GCE A-Level offered at Eunoia Junior College, moulds Principled Leaders of Tomorrow, using multiple platforms that provide greater cross-discipline depth and perspectives in the academic and non-academic curriculum.

You can find out more about our school programme in both the O-Level and the Integrated Programme tracks here:

Admission into SCGS via DSA

The Direct School Admission Exercise allows students to seek admission to SCGS based on a range of achievements and talents.

Competition is strong and students entering on DSA are expected to be proactive and sustain their interest to develop their talents through the opportunities offered. There is no priority through affiliation. Shortlisted students are assessed based on the talent exhibited by all applicants.

For who are interested in applying for entry into SCGS, please download and read the DSA Infosheet from our main school website here. You may still apply for admission if you do not meet the criteria, but please be mindful that your chances of gaining admission will be lower.

A School Tour around SCGS

Follow us on a tour around our beautiful campus with newly upgraded facilities (e.g. Indoor Sports Hall, Creative Arts Hub) through the following videos, presented by our students from Infocomm Club and SC Ambassadors. Enjoy!

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Updated on 14 Apr 2022