A Message from the vice-principal

Literacy Builds Success

At Lordswood Boys’ School, literacy is at the heart of everything we do. We have transformed the lives of our students by continuing to close the reading gap. Our aim is to support our students in building their reading skills so that that their reading age is in-line with their actual age. Since the start of the literacy programme in 2017, reading ages have improved by a remarkable 38 months on average per student. This represents significant progress; we hope to continue to build on this success.

Hence, as a school, we have a clear strategy: ‘We will read more’. We foster a love for reading and offer great opportunities for expanding reading interests as well as literacy development including spelling, writing, oracy and communication skills. Our intervention support ensures a completely inclusive approach that ensures students are not left behind. Our unique literacy programme which serves to further develop literacy skills, includes:

· Daily literacy time for reading;

· 1-2-1 supported reading;

· Peer mentoring;

· Small group supported intervention with staff;

· Literacy catch-up with community adult volunteers;

· Regular literacy enrichment days;

· Community links enabling students to present their work;

· Numerous author events; and

· Termly reading weeks.

A combination of having a strong rewards system and good-natured competition also helps in engaging and exciting our students. We are changing the lives of our students for the better by making them better readers and we are very proud of our success.

Raj Kang, Vice-Principal

  • Love of Learning - Creating a lifelong passion for reading & learning

  • Intellect - Developing knowledge, memory, & critical thinking

  • Terminology - Building vocabulary and writing skills

  • Exploration - Living adventures through books and learning

  • Reflection - Improving, reflecting, and continually learning from mistakes

  • Articulateness – Mastering communication skills

  • Cultural Literacy – Engaging in a diverse range of cultures through literacy

  • Yearning – Developing and nurturing a thirst for knowledge

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