Welcome from the Director of Education

The past four years has seen extraordinary improvements at Lordswood Boys’ School, changes most apparent in how our students have performed in their Year 11 exams. LBS now boasts some of the region’s best exam results and our exceeding of target grades compares favourably to any school, nationally. Under CAT sponsorship, starting in 2017 and continuing through to the 2021 outcomes, we have delivered four consecutive years where almost every single school record was beaten. This has culminated in the most recent outcomes where students in both English and Maths achieved a 92% pass rate and in Maths almost double the school target for passing at the higher level. The school has normalised a culture of the highest expectations in all aspects of our daily life and these stellar outcomes are the most obvious reflection of this new-found confidence.

The Central Academies Trust was formed with the express intention of taking on the Lordswood challenge and there can be no argument that it has indeed been a runaway, spectacular success. The school has exceptional leaders who embrace the core CAT philosophies and, combined with their relentless pursuit of ‘excellence in everything’, they drive the school towards even higher ambitions. We are expanding our provision to offer a broader curriculum, we have initiated the implementation of a superbly resourced Elite Sports Academy for excellence in cricket and football and we are further embedding our Literacy strategy to ensure that all students, as early as possible in their career with us, can read at or above their chronological age. Literacy remains our number 1 priority. Indeed, since CAT sponsorship began, we have eroded the ‘Literacy Gap’ in the school by almost 84%. In real terms, this means that almost all students are significantly narrowing the gap between their chronological age and their reading age and in Year 11 almost all student read at or above the level they need to be both in terms of their actual age in years and months and at the level required to successfully access the school curriculum and exam syllabuses.

I look at the teaching staff and students, the leadership, the support staff and the stable financial outlook and I see genuine potential to take this school to an outstanding Ofsted judgement in the very near future. I see the incredible new build and the opportunities this will bring in all areas of school life and I see a future characterised by year-on-year sustained success, a school blossoming with confidence and a school consciously self-reflecting and honest and a school that is vibrant and purposeful every day. We have committed Trustees and a sensible, simple, straightforward plan to continuously improve our wonderful school. We are Lordswood Boys’ School and we are on a mission to be outstanding and the school of choice.

Come and visit us and see for yourself our fabulous school.

Michael Rennie

Director of Education

September 2021

Lordswood Boys' School Hagley Road Harborne Birmingham B17 8BJ

Tel:0121 464 2837


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