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The mission of Leigh Community Schools is to foster a positive educational culture where: STUDENTS thrive, TEACHERS guide, ADMINISTRATORS lead, PARENTS support, and the COMMUNITY is the foundation for all. WE ARE LEIGH!

(Reviewed and Revised December 2016)


Through the cooperation of staff, students, and community, every student will achieve at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging learning environment.

(Reviewed and revised Dec. 2016)

Belief Statements

1. The responsibility for education is an active partnership among the school, students,

families, and all stakeholders of the community.

2. School is part of a life-long learning process leading to self understanding, personal growth, and the acquisition of new knowledge.

3. Students have the greatest opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment

based on mutual respect and equal opportunity for all.

4. Each student has a responsibility for actively participating in his/her learning and


5. All students can learn and must be challenged to reach their individual potential through high expectations, attainable goals, and a challenging, diverse, and relevant curriculum.

6. Excellence in education depends on educators who are knowledgeable of the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of the student and who are committed to the use of varied instructional strategies to meet individual needs.

7. Education is an innovative, evolving process in an ever-changing society, thus we must integrate and optimize technology.

8. Education should connect students with people, programs, and experiences within and beyond the classroom.

9. Extracurricular participation in academics, arts, athletics, and service opportunities fosters individual growth and develops positive character.

10. Individual and school accomplishments and progress should be celebrated.

(Reviewed and revised December 2016)

Learning Empowers Individuals to Great Heights

Above: Elementary and High School Staff on "I Heart Public Schools" Day.