Frequently Asked Questions-updated ongoing

Question: My case is broken/doesn't zip/lost/has a hole, can I get a new one?

Answer: Unfortunately no. The district provides one case per student/computer and we don't have extras to give. Please see the MLISD Handbook language on cases. However, CPMS Technology does have some "gently used" cases that exiting students have returned. You are welcome to one of those if you would like to come see Mrs. Cooper in A114.

What’s Not Covered with the Support Fee?

The following items are not covered under the support and maintenance fee:

• Intentional mistreatment or vandalism

• Cosmetic damage

• Repair or maintenance of any items not provided with the device when it was originally handed out

• Replacement of any ancillary items such as the case and charger

• Loss of any data contained on the device

Question: I forgot my charger, can you lend me one?

Answer: No, CPMS does not have loaners to lend.

Question: I want to restrict my student's internet and add some website blocking software to this maching. How can I install that?

Answer: The district does not all software to be installed on these machines. Please check with your internet provider for parental control options. Further, please check your router's instructions to see if you can set parental controls that way. If neither of these options are viable for you, please check out these helpful suggestions.

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