Charger Not Working?

Do you think your charger isn't working? Please take these steps before visiting anyone for help.

1. There are two parts to the charger. Disconnect and reconnect them tightly.

2. Change plugs

3. Plug in your charger to your computer. When you are logged on, at the bottom right corner there is the power battery icon. If you hover over it, it will indicate:


Plugged in CHARGING


(or nothing because it doesn't recognize anything is plugged in)

4. If it is says plugged in NOT CHARGING, please disconnect and reconnect the two parts of the charger again.

5. If you are able, plug in a friends charger. Does that change the status to PLUGGED IN AND CHARGING? If so, you may bring the charger to me for a different one ONLY IF THERE IS NO DAMAGE TO THE CHARGER CONNECTION. IF THERE IS DAMAGE YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A NEW ONE.

6. If you plugged in a known working charger and the status does not change to CHARGING, please visit a Techspert to get a loaner. Likely your charging port is damaged.