At Home Internet Filtering


Internet filtering at school with mLISD devices and BYOT is stringent as long as the device is connected to our network. Filtering occurs at the network level and filters are applied based on how you login to the network.

If your child chooses to circumvent the filter by attempting to use a phone hotspot or VPN, there will be school consequences. As with any school rule there will always be children who find it challenging and exciting to attempt to sidestep the rules. CPMS cannot check every device everyday to make sure your child is on the correct network. We have told them how to connect. Many teachers spot-check networks. Should a student choose to disconnect so they are not filtered, this is a direct and delibrate violation of the AUP policy here: AUP Page 75 of the MS Handbook and there can be school consequences.

LISD does not allow installation of filtering software on district devices at this time.


-If you are interesting in additional parental filtering, you may do so on your home network by setting parental controls on your personal router. Please see your router instructions for directions.

-If your router doesn't allow for that, you might try to see if something like the Circle device by Disney would work for your family.

You can read the reviews and see the specs here: Circle by Disney

This seems like a reasonable alternative for people who are ATT customers and cannot change their router settings.

*there are many products that you would be able to purchase for your home network monitoring and filtering - this is just one suggestion.

Finally, here are some parenting tips for at home use: MLISD Parent Suggestions At Home