5th Grade Parents-MLISD info


We understand you will have a lot of questions concerning mLISD and your child. We have created this page to try to summarize the best we can for you. There will be more presentations, as well as question and answer sessions at Leopard Camp for parents at 6th Grade Open House.

5th Grade Questions and Answers

1. What is MLISD? - You a can read all about it here on the mLISD District Page

I have also added a ppt presentation used at 6th Grade parent night with info

here: MLISD CPMS Parent Presentation

CPMS - MLISD brochure

2. WHEN can I pay for my 5th grader to have a computer for their 6th grade year? Answer: April 1st of your 5th grade year.

3. WHERE can I pay for my 5th grader to have a computer for their 6th grade year? Answer: Online here at EdPay - you will need their student ID.

4. How much is the fee for the year? Answer: $70.00

Free and Reduced Lunch recipients will only pay $35 (it will be the only option online). If there are other financial hardships, you may contact our counselors for a scholarship form.

5. When will my 5th grader get their computer if I pay any time prior to the first day of school? Answer: Your child will need to go through "modules". These are instructions, and training on expectations that CPMS has about care and treatment of the computer. This includes rules and digital citizenship. This will occur the first couple weeks of school through their classes. They will all be issued computers at the same time after completeing these modules.

6. Do you filter at school? Answer: Yes, stringently. LISD has implementing school-like filtering applied to all machines even when the device is off our network. It is your responsibility to set time limits and boundaries at home. Students are very smart and can utilize ways to circumvent the filter. You can read more about the filter here: LISD FILTER

7. What happens if my child loses their computer? Answer: Please look at the tabs on the left for Lost and Damaged Computers. All the answers for everyone appear there.

8. Are these brand new computers that my child is getting? Answer: For the 2019-2020 school year they computer will be new.

The Tech Specs are as follows:

Lenovo 11e Thinkpad 5th Gen

ThinkPad 11e (5th Gen)

Proc: Pentium Silver N5000 (4C, 1.1 / 2.7GHz, 4MB)

RAM: 4GBx1 DDR4-2400

Display: 11.6" HD (1366x768) IPS - 10-point multi-touch


We are in a cycle of use of about 4 years. Currently we expect to refresh computers at the end of every 4th year. Your child will receive a computer and mLISD guarantees a working computer, but not necessarily a NEW computer. If repairs need to occur for your student, they will be issued a loaner computer so their learning is uninterrupted.

9. How will my child get troubleshooting help? Answer: We have a student-led group called the Techsperts in the morning in the library able to help with most problems. Additionally there is a Techspert on hand in B113 during most periods of the school day. If they can't help, they will give your child a loaner so that they will have a computer (if you are participating in mLISD). All repairs will be done by the Campus Technologist or sent out to Lenovo.

10. But my child doesn't know where the library or B113 is, and the school is too big, and adults are scary and I am just going to bring them in with their computer and talk to everyone for them!!!

Answer: Please don't. :) Your child is learning as they go. No one will yell at them for finding their way. We will all help them find where they need to go. Part of learning to be a middle schooler is learning to articulate what they need to other students and adults. We want them to learn how to find help for their technical needs.

11. Can I install _____________ on the school issued computer? Answer: No. All installation of software that is allowed by the district is housed in a shortcut on their desktop called Software Center. Students can install anything from there. However, we don't allow parents to install anything on these computers. Likewise, kids can't install games, etc. Certainly they are able to download and run via a USB and they find other web-based games. But installation will always ask for an Admin username and password and that is where the process stops. Students have also learned they can share some games and run them from flash drives. This does increase the incidents of malware.

12. What about installing Drivers for home printers? Answer: Please see the tab on the left about Printing at Home.

13. How many kids at CPMS participate in mLISD? Answer: At last count we had 1408 enrolled students and 1375 participated in mLISD and were issued a computer. That means 97.6% percent of our students use a district issued computer. This helps our teachers make efficient instructions for lessons and seamless technology integration for lessons.

14. Are there scholarships available for students who can't afford the $70.00 fee? Answer: Yes, absolutely. Please inquire about the scholarship form in the CPMS counseling office.

15. My child seems too young/little/irresponsible/ to have an expensive computer! Answer: They will surprise you. They will take ownership of this machine and take pretty good care of it. We haven't lost one yet and they become very invested in THEIR computer. Take a look at what the $70 covers (accidental damage), etc.

16. When will we learn more about mLISD? I want to see a device... Answer: We would love to see you at the parent portion of Leopard Camp in August. You will have the opportunity to hear more about the program. You can also explore this website and the district mLISD links above.

17. Why would I want to use a school issued device when I could provide my child with their own laptop? Answer: You certainly have the option of doing that. However, as you can see from our participation numbers most parents find it more beneficial to use the school device. The main drawbacks right now are that any personal device is unable to print on our network right now, personal devices are not supported at school for troubleshooting (other than to gain access to our network), we do not supply loaners for kids who do not participate in Mlisd, you pay for any damage to the computer and we do not supply any applications needed to your personal devices. Further, CPMS tech support is only for district-managed devices. We do not touch, resolve machine issues or change anything on a personal device. Here is a great chart to break it down for you.