Student Lenovo Damage

What happens if I break my laptop?

The fee that students pay when they receive their laptops includes coverage for accidental damage or manufacture defect. Each campus will have a process for students to report the damage and request repair. In most cases, repairs will be conducted on-site with minimal disruption to the student. If the laptops need to be replaced due to accidental damage or manufacturing defect, there will be no charge to the student. If a device is broken repeatedly, or if the damage is due to intentionally destructive behavior, a fee will be charged for the repair or replacement of the part or device.

What happens to lost or stolen devices?

Campus and district staff will work to locate and retrieve lost or stolen devices that do attach to the LISD network. Devices that are stolen and have a police report will be replaced once at no additional cost to the student/family. Devices that are lost will be replaced the first time with a deductible of ½ of the replacement cost (approx $300). The second time a device is lost or stolen, students will be responsible for paying the full cost to replace the device. If the device is found during the same school year, the student will be refunded less damages.

What happens if I neglect or intentionally damage my computer?

In order to provide maintenance and support for the mLISD district owned devices, Leander ISDwill collect an annual non-refundable fee​ for each device (see fee table below). This cost will cover abroad range of services, including support, maintenance, and accidental damage protection. If a student violates any of Leander ISD policies or guidelines and the student loses access to the mLISD device, the support fee will not be refunded. If abuse or neglect is determined a Technology referral will be written and a fine assessed based on the actual cost of parts for repair.