Cedar Park Middle School Technology


UPDATED 9/11/17

mLISD Laptop Deployment - 2017-2018

CPMS currently has a population of 1361 students.

CPMS has 1305 students participating in mLISD which is 95.8 percent of our population.

**You may still elect to participate in mLISD at any time. Simply follow the links to pay the fee for the year and bring the receipt generated to A114 to be issued a computer. If you pay online it will take between 24-48 hrs to process and show as paid. Once we show paid status we will issue the laptop.


NON-URGENT REPAIR! For these issues you will not receive a loaner. Rather, I will fix them during an elective or lunch.

If you have one of the following issues, please fill out the form below, I will order the part and then schedule the install with you the same day.

  • Missing Keys from Keyboard
  • Trackpad doesn't work ***
  • Touchscreen doesn't work/cracked/broken/lines***
  • Need a duplicate barcode or name label
  • Plastics are cracked/broken - typically right front corner
  • Bad battery (computer only works with a charger)***

***With these items you must have visited the Techsperts to verify

Order Parts for my Lenovo


Free and Reduced lunch recipients will automatically see a reduced laptop fee when logging in to EdPay portal to pay the laptop fee. However, if there are extenuating financial situations, you are welcome to contact CPMS Counseling Office for MLISD Scholarship paperwork. Scholarships are given based on need on a yearly basis and require a yearly application. If you received a scholarship last year and would like to be considered again, please contact the counseling office for the application.

Contact information:

Kassie Cooper - Campus Technologist

Email: kassie.cooper@leanderisd.org

Phone: 512-570-3139 (direct line)**

**If you call me, please understand that my response time will be a lot slower. Because I have kids in my office a lot, and can't have an uninterrupted conversation, email is the preferred method of communication. I will answer you within 24hrs.