Cedar Park Middle School Technology


Pay your laptop fee here: MLISD LAPTOP PAYMENT

You have until the computer pick up dates below to pay for the 2017/2018 school year (in order to keep the computer over the summer and begin the school year with it). On the designated grade level pick up dates any student who has not paid for the 2017/2018 school year will have their laptop picked up and stored for the summer. You can still pay any time after the pick up dates, however the laptop will not be re-issued until the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year.

6th grade deadline for payment and pickup date: May 19th

7th grade deadline for payment and pickup date: May 23rd

8th grade deadline for payment and pickup date: May 24th

Students who have not paid by the pickup date will have their computers taken up and stored for the summer by CPMS Tech. Students will receive the same device back once school starts for the following year and deployment is scheduled. Students will be required to turn in what was issued to them: the computer, charger and sleeve. The computer should be free of any stickers and vinyls and should only have the student name label and barcode on the lid. Should the student not turn in the charger, they will be assessed a $40.00 until the charger is turned in. Students are required to turn in the same Lenovo charger that was issued to them in terms of type. Some chargers get lost or are damaged and replacements will be accepted as long as they are Lenovo brand chargers with the same specs as was issued to the student. To purchase a new charger please see information here: PURCHASING A NEW CHARGER

**incoming 6th graders will not receive a computer until after the beginning of the year when instruction and orientation has been completed (through their teachers). All incoming 6th graders will receive their devices at the same time and will not have them during the summer.

8th grade 2017/2018 MLISD school year information:

All CPMS 8th grade students will be able to pay their $70 yearly MLISD fee beginning April 1st. Students who have paid the fee by the computer pick up date below will be able to keep their computers over the summer as a bonus and will start the school year at CPHS with their computer.

Students who have not paid by the pickup date will have their computers taken up at CPMS on the date listed below. If you choose to pay the fee any time after 8th grade pickup date, a computer will be issued to them at CPHS during their deployment time at the beginning of the school year. While they won't receive the same computer back, they will receive a "like" computer.


Free and Reduced lunch recipients will automatically see a reduced laptop fee when logging in to EdPay portal to pay the laptop fee. However, if there are extenuating financial situations, you are welcome to contact CPMS Counseling Office for MLISD Scholarship paperwork. Scholarships are given based on need on a yearly basis and require a yearly application. If you received a scholarship last year and would like to be considered again, please contact the counseling office for the application.


If your student is experiencing problems with their laptop, have questions or would like quick training, please have your student arrive early to school to visit the Techsperts in the library from 8:15-first bell. There is no pass necessary and parents need not accompany their child. The Techsperts will troubleshoot the problem and if the Techsperts cannot solve the problems they will issue your student a loaner laptop.

**There is no need to email, call or otherwise contact the school. If a student is experiencing trouble, the steps are as follows:

Techsperts 8:15-9am

Ask any teacher at an appropriate class time to seek help with Mrs. Cooper in A114.


If you have recently paid for a laptop and wish to have your student pick it up, please have your student bring their receipt to school and request to visit room A114 during 1st period. A laptop will be issued then.

For all other specific questions please email me at kassie.cooper@leanderisd.org. Because of the busyness of the school day, emails can be returned promptly however voicemails will have a delayed response.

If you would like to know more about the MLISD Laptop Initiative you may access all information here:


To pay the MLISD laptop fee, please use this link: PAY MLISD LAPTOP FEE