Bell Schedule 2022-23

Zoo Magnet Block Schedule

On Mondays & Thursdays, students attend odd period classes.

On Wednesdays & Fridays, students attend even numbered periods.

Block periods are approximately 2 hours long.

Tuesdays are our school's Professional Development Days with dismissal at 2:41. On these days, students go to all 6 periods.

Taking Classes at NH and Zoo

Students have the opportunity to take courses at NHHS and are provided transportation between the campuses at nutrition and lunch. To accommodate our block schedule and North Hollywood's traditional schedule, we program a pair of consecutive NHHS classes that fit with the shuttle schedule.

Sample Freshman Schedule

This freshman student has the first two periods at the NH main campus then the following four classes at the Zoo Magnet. She would either take the bus or be dropped off at the NH campus in the morning. Since NHHS is not on block schedule, every day of the week would start with periods 1 and 2 at NH - her Environmental Studies and PE classes. After period 2, she would head directly out to Colfax to catch the bus to the Zoo Magnet. On Monday, upon arriving to the Zoo campus, she would head directly to her period 11 Spanish 1 class. She would then have lunch and then go to period 13 English. On a Wednesday, she would report to period 12 Biology and then period 14 Algebra 1 after lunch. Tuesdays she would attend periods 1 and 2 a NHHS and then periods 11 - 14 at the Zoo. At the end of every day, she could either be picked up at the Zoo campus by 3:30 pm or take a bus back to North Hollywood to catch her home route bus home.

Sample Sophomore Schedule

This sophomore student has the first four periods at the Zoo Magnet, then her last two classes at North Hollywood. She would either take the bus to the Zoo Magnet Campus or be dropped off in the morning. On Mondays, she would attend her period 9 Honors English class for two hours, followed by nutrition, then period 11 Honors Chemistry for two hours. This student will now have approximately 20 minutes to have lunch before she must take a bus to the North Hollywood Main Campus. Since the Main Campus is not on a block schedule, she would then take period 5 PE and period 6 Spanish. On Wednesday, she would take Geometry and World History before getting on the lunch bus to NHHS to take period 5 and 6, PE and Spanish. On Tuesday, she would go to periods 9 - 12 at the Zoo, then 5 and 6 at NHHS.

Sample Block Schedule