Student Handbook

Student Handbook

    • Absences: When returning from an absence you must report to Zoo Magnet office, or the NHHS attendance office, K104, before returning to class. Present a signed note with an explanation from a parent.
    • Hall Passes: If you need to leave class during instructional time, you must have a hall pass. Only one student is allowed out of class at a time.
    • Cell Phones: The presence of cell phones and other devices in class at the discretion of the teacher. Unauthorized use will result in confiscation, to be returned only to a parent or guardian.
    • Early Leave: If you must leave campus early due to illness, appointment or any other reason, you and the person picking you up MUST sign out in the office. The person picking you up must be on our emergency contact list and present identification.

P.E. Clothes

  • PE Clothes consist of a royal blue shirt and black gym shorts.
  • NHHS PE Clothes can be purchased at the Student Store at North Hollywood High School.
  • $20.00 set (t-shirt and shorts) / $8.00 t-shirt, $12.00 shorts
  • $20.00 Grey crew neck sweatshirt
  • $25.00 Black Hoodies (sweatshirt)
  • North Hollywood High School - Student Store 818 753-6254
  • Hours: 7am – 8am / Nutrition and lunch


When your student is absent or tardy they must return to school with a note in order to clear the absence, if no note is brought to the office, the absence will reflect a truancy after the 3rd day.

Remember: An absence from Zoo Magnet is like a two day absence from the class because of block schedule (two-hour class)

All tardies are unexcused unless you bring a note from your parent with a valid excuse or your tardy is due to a late bus shuttle.

If you are tardy to Zoo Magnet due to the bus shuttle, come to office to clear the tardy.


There is no nurse on the Zoo Magnet campus. All minor incidents that require First Aid are handled in the Zoo office. Parents are contacted if student needs to be picked up due to illness.

NHHS Nurse's office: – 818 753-6263


North Hollywood High School Athletics

You can click on to the sport or subject you are interested in, these will always be updated by

Athletics Assistant Director Ken Harris @ 818 753 6240

Home Route and Shuttle Buses

All students should receive their bus routes the week before the start of the Fall semester.

If you have not received please feel free to call Zoo Magnet office at 323 660-0165 for information on drop-off’s and pick-ups.

If your bus is late, call 1-800-LA BUSES.

For more information, including dual stop forms, visit our transportation page.

Dress Code

The School Leadership Council of North Hollywood High School has found that the wearing of gang-related apparel by pupils may be detrimental to the health and safety of the school environment and therefore the wearing of gang-related apparel by pupils is prohibited. The School Leadership Council, in consultation with parents, teachers and students has developed the following definitions of prohibited gang-related apparel to include:

  • Pants that are cut off below the knees and worn with knee socks.
  • Undergarments should not be visible due to pants being worn below natural waistline.
  • Sleeveless undershirts or wool shirts buttoned only with the top button worn over white T-shirts
  • Hair nets or bandannas.

The message students should communicate through their clothing is that academics is their first priority. School is like our students’ workplace and just as they would be expected to dress appropriately for a job, student clothing should reflect professionalism.

  • Shirts and other tops should cover the pupil’s torso from the waist of their pants or skirt up to the neck opening. “Bare-midriff” tops, low-cut garments are prohibited.
  • See-through garments are prohibited.
  • Clothing with alcohol, tobacco or drug related advertising images or slogans is prohibited.
  • Clothing with foul, obscene, offensive, or violent images or language is prohibited.
  • Hats may be worn in classrooms only with the teacher’s permission.
  • The length of skirts and shorts must be no shorter than mid thigh (or no shorter than the student’s fingertips when arms are placed to their sides).
  • No undergarments should be visible.

First Day of School

Your student will find out their class schedule on the first day of school.


Every student must report to North Hollywood High School.

Cafeteria Windows will have your students name posted along with their 1st period class.

If it reads Zoo per 1, then they exit NHHS and return to Bus Shuttle on Colfax which will bring them in to the Zoo for their Period 1 and 2 classes.

If it reads anything other than Zoo per. 1, they will stay at NHHS campus and report to the listed classroom.

If your student begins at NHHS for periods 1 & 2,

After period 2 is over, it is now Nutrition and they need to exit as quickly as possible to the

Zoo Shuttle buses on Colfax where they were dropped off in the morning.

Students will have their nutrition break once they arrive to the Zoo Magnet.