News from the Scholarship Program

30.08.2018 | Here are few important notes:

              1. If you graduated by August 29, you will still be able to submit your career projects after the scholarship deadline. Take your time, there’s no rush.
              2. If you didn’t graduate by August 29, you will lose the access to your ND. But don’t worry! You can have it back after paying for monthly subscription. All the details are in our FAQs.
              3. Discount codes for NDs: Everyone will receive an email with the discount codes shortly after the scholarship deadline. But "shortly" does not mean 2 hours after! So please be patient!
              4. This Google Site will still be working after the deadline, we will keep publishing here important updates, etc. We will let you know here on Slack when/if somethings changes in that topic. But for now please keep checking it out every now and then!
              5. Slack will stay open until Dec 31, 2018.

30.08.2018 | the time has come...

The Google Developer Scholarship is officially OVER!

We want to congratulate everyone who managed to pass all the projects on time! WOHOOO!!! YOU DID IT!!!🎉🎉🎉

                • For those of you who still are waiting for the final project review – please be patient. There is no average “waiting time” for a review, but we assure you the reviewers are doing their best to make sure you don’t need to wait long.
                • For these of you who don’t manage to graduate – DO NOT WORRY! Remember – this scholarship program was never about deadlines or certificates. It’s all about LEARNING, and what you’ve learned is something nobody’s gonna ever take away from you. Take your time, finish the course, pay for it or just keep up with the free courses. And also, don’t forget – now you are a part of this SCHOLARSHIP FAMILY, where we help each other and support one another no matter what.

This is not goodbye yet! We will still be here posting important news, announcements, and keep the fire burning!

21.08.2018 | There are 8 days left until the end of the scholarship! So let’s make most out of it! 💪

Here are 4 tips on how to correctly ask for help. They are coming from your motivation-ninjas – scholarship grads who are helping you here on Slack (big BRAVO to them for doing this). The closer you stick to these tips, the higher chances you will get help.

Share your repository! DO NOT just share your screen, console log output on screens, or only few lines of code. A screenshot with an error and the title "any idea what's wrong!?" is not helpful to anyone wanting to help out.

Provide FULL context! Tell others what are you doing, what you did, what worked and what didn't. Others need full context to assess what is happening/going wrong. Without it they often waste a lot of time on figuring out what is the actual problem.

❗Make sure your repository is updated to the current state.

❗After you implement the tips you received from another student, LET HIM/HER know how it worked! We know implementing changes takes time, but then do not forget to get back to a student who helped you. They spent their private time on this, so at least tell them if their answer worked for you:)

You posted a question in live-help channel 6 hs ago and still nobody answered it? It might be that people just don’t know, nobody is online, but also, it might be that people just did not understand your problem.

And whereas there’s not much you can do in 1st and 2nd case, you can DEFINITELY do a lot about the last one!

20.08.2018 | Happy Monday! We have some exciting news to share!

The news about the awesome Student Projects Showcase page created by a group of our scholars reached all the way to US. Udacity team got SO excited about the idea of sharing your amazing work with the world, that they have decided to create a similar page on udacity.com. Wohoooo!!!

                • If you'd like the chance to be included on a showcase page of #MadeWithUdacity projects on udacity.com, please fill in THIS form.
                • Submission deadline: Thursday, August 23rd

Show us what you got!!

17.08.2018 | And here it is! 🎉

We've just uploaded the FULL recording from the entire FEND Breakfast Club Study Jam session held last Saturday, August 11, 2018. You can find it now on Tech Webinars page. Enjoy!

16.08.2018 | As you know, at Udacity we are all committed to preparing job seeking students for the realities of the interview process.

And that is why, on behalf of Udacity’s Careers Team, we are happy to introduce you to Mobile Flashcards – Udacity’s newest feature for the Android App that helps you improve your interview skills anytime, anywhere!

Download the app: HERE

The app will help you practice technical and behavioral interview questions on your phone. Download the app and access over 30 interview questions, sourced by Udacity staff and employers, to help you solidify knowledge from your Nanodegree program and ace your next interview. Though not available yet on iOS, it will be coming soon.

Have comments, questions or feedback you would like to share? Send them via email at career-support@udacity.com. We are looking for feedback on a few things, including:

                • How helpful were Flashcards? Could you see yourself using this product for other types of content? Repeatedly or as a one-off?
                • How effective was the product itself? Did this learning method help you retain information more effectively? Did the product affect your job confidence? Do you feel more confident in your knowledge of topics covered in the course?
                • Do you have any general recommendations for our team? (For ex, what type of content would you like to see +/- of? What specific features or product functions would make for a better user experience?)

16.08.2018 | We've just uploaded YouTube two project walkthrough webinars that took place during Breakfast Club study jam:

You can also find them in Tech Webinars section of our google site! Enjoy!

14.08.2018 | Another day another set of updates:

                • We are currently working on converting the recordings from the Breakfast Club study session that happened last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Zoom for these couple of hours, it was REALLY fun! We hope you enjoyed getting to know the scholars from across the ocean! We will publish the recordings here in next days, so stay tuned! 🎈
                • If you already graduated and now would like to give back to the community and help others in the final weeks, join our Motivation Squad! 💪 You will be added to our exclusive #motivation-ninjas slack channel and get more info there.
                • Currently we have over 30% graduation across ABND, AND and MWS. Since many FEND students are still struggling with last three projects, we are going to dedicate a big part of our upcoming Saturday Study Jam to them! Join us on Slack this Saturday, 11-15:00 CEST and lets get some projects completed! 🏀

13.08.2018 | Who is ready for party? 🎉

On September 8 we are having a Graduation Party in Berlin! The event is organised by students, and it's the first (and surely not the last) fully international meetup organised for all the scholars.

You can expect few talks from our key speakers, Scrapbook signing, games, and also few surprises for students who cannot join us physically in Berlin.

Who will be there? Everyone!! Magda, Joanna, Jose, slack mentors, and of course YOU – the students!!!

For details go to our brand new Graduation Party page!

10.08.2018 | Get ready for our Breakfast Club Study Jam TOMORROW!!

              • WHAT: 4-hour long Study Session for all 4 tracks
              • WHEN: Tomorrow (Saturday, August 11), 17:00-21:00pm CEST
              • WHERE: Slack & Zoom meetings rooms (ABND, AND, FEND, MWS)

But how it's gonna work? It's simple! You will join a ND-specific Zoom meeting room (aka "Detention") to work on the project for 4 hours. Everyone in the room will be muted so you can all focus on your work. If you have a question or a blocker that comes up while you learn, you can:

                • 👨‍🏫Ask a "teacher" – in each "Detention" room there will be a graduate student waiting for questions from students.
                • 🍿Join a Project Walkthrough or Project Q&A Webinar – during the study session in "Detention" you will be invited to join another room to watch a webinar.

More details in our brand new funky Breakfast Club Study Jam page!


This Study Session takes its cues from the 1985 John Hughes movie, the "Breakfast Club" - a movie about five high school who students meet in Saturday detention.

So get amped and grab your 80's wear. It's going to be a totally tubular time!!

09.08.2018 | Additional info for students who already graduated: 👩‍🎓

                1. First and foremost – Congratulations! :)))
                2. Each student after successful graduation receives an email from Alumni Team with the invitation to Alumni Slack channel and Alumni LinkedIn group. If you did NOT receive that email yet, please let Magda.Udacity or Joanna.Udacity know on Slack!
                3. Graduates don't have Study Group feature in the classroom! It's only available for students who did not finish the course yet. So if you are wondering where is it – it's not there!


The recent issues with mentorship combined with a truly fascinating community spirit you ALL showed in the face of these unexpected and sudden difficulties, seeing how you all started helping each other even more, pushing one anther and being ONE BIG FAMILY truly deserved a proof of appreciation and acknowledgement. So here it is. We hope these two additional weeks will help you. You make us proud, and you inspire us! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

                • You have now 2 more weeks to work on your projects.
                • The new deadline is August 29, 11:59 CEST.

08.08.2018 | We are changing the format of AMA sessions:

From now on until the end of the scholarship, the AMA sessions will not happen regularly, as they used to.

From now on you can just ask any question directly in #ama-sessions Slack channel and one of the Community Managers will get back to you within 24hs with the answer. Ask your question whenever you want. No need to wait for the AMA session anymore.

We hope this way you will be able move away from your blockers and get everything you need to know faster! 💪

08.08.2018 | And here's an update on Slack!

Since some of you asked, here's the official information: The Scholarship Slack will be open until Dec 31,2018! So you can keep using it until then! Especially during the Career Month! Please note though that Community Managers will become inactive there at some point.

08.08.2018 | Here's the official update about the Mentorship Services:

"As you may know, our Mentorship platform chat function has been down for a few days. This issue arose due to technical issues with the vendor that provides the messaging infrastructure. We apologize for this situation and we are working hard on a good solution to support your continued progress in our platform. Towards this end, we have been building our own, in-house infrastructure to power a new, stronger model of mentorship, called Study Groups.

The mentorship team is working on transitioning your classmates and you over to this new updated Mentorship model. Some of you may have already been switched over and received update emails from the team. We are working on switching everyone over and you will receive an email from us in the coming days with more information about study groups. Please feel free to reach out to magda.udacity or @Joanna.Udacity on Slack with any questions in the meantime!"

"Study Groups are hosted directly in your classroom and have a laser focus on student progress and project completion. Chat channels are organized by project, which you unlock as you pass projects. In every project channel you will find Mentors in each channel who are also active Reviewers for the project, as well as your classmates who are working on or have already passed that project. Your new Study Group will be an immersive, 24/7 help experience where multiple Mentors and students help push each other to the finish line and accomplish their goals."

Few tips on using Study Groups:

  • How to find a mentor? When you're inside a chat room, click on "Profiles" (top right). You'll get a list of all the members of that chatroom. The profiles from the top, before yours, are the mentors, There are usually 2 per chat room. You can tag them using @theirname in your message
  • if you'd like to make the chat bigger there is a way to do it. If you use Chrome, choose View from the menu followed by Developer and then JavaScript Console, paste this into the console then press return.

07.08.2018 | Happy Tuesday everyone! 😎

Some of you ask about the graduation stats. We will be able to share more closer to the end of the program, but what we can tell you is that almost 1/3 students already graduated. So if you are still working on the projects, keep your head up – you are in the majority :)

But to give you a little push and inspiration, here are some quotes from students who graduated:))

                • “I never thought I would get to say this, but I made it!!! After what has been the hardest, most stressful 9 months that I have had in a long time, after falling over 3 months behind, mental chaos and resorting to taking my laptop on holiday with me to Malta, I can say I made it!” Jennifer S.
                • “It’s finally over” Omar S.
                • “I graduated in ABND! 9 months of work and 9 months of pregnancy, so now I can finally relax before my due date next week!” Natasa M.
                • “Finally it's my turn to join this amazing stream of graduates! I actually don't know what to say, since I'm excited!” Andrea G.
                • “I cannot believe how much WE ALL accomplished during this scholarship. Have you ever thought, that you wll be writing such robust apps in React, especially year ago? I haven’t!” Rafal B.

(source: Google Dev Facebook Group)

Here's also 10 hours of Rocky Theme to get you motivated. So no excuses anymore!!

03.08.2018 | Hi ya'll!

If you haven't had the chance to see @LaurenM’s Facebook post, please take a look at this great project she and her fellow scholars @mpontus, @Oya, @Alifelongbeginner, @Greta Gr abnd and @Cedric F have created. From @LaurenM:

"Check out this beautiful website to showcase the work of all of us here. The idea is to show what we (as a community) have achieved in those 9 months. The rule is: each student get to showcase 1 Udacity project:

                • ABND and FEND students: the project you're most proud of
                • AND students: your Capstone
                • MWS students: your completed Udacity project

It is hosted on GitHub pages, so it means that we all contribute to it as a community as each of us can add our own project through a pull request. Please note that only Udacity projects will be accepted. We have to set some rules here :)"

If you've graduated and would like to have your project featured here, just follow the instructions. There's a template at the top of the file where you'll need add your data. As easy as that!