Running Day

At Greenwood we have a running program that all students participate in. We set a daily lap goal, record the total number of laps for that day, and keep a running total of miles run for the year. The students will also get a toe token for every 5 miles run. These toe tokens are to go on their tennis shoes and they should wear them proudly! For each grade level the most laps boy and girl are rewarded a trophy at the end of the year, and the top three boys and girls receive a medal.

This is a fun positive way to get the kids active and healthy. We love to see the improvement throughout the year!

NOTE: We also encourage your student to bring their own labeled, water bottle on running day. It is important that ONLY water is brought.



5th 9:35-10:20 Manzano, McArthur, Hope

4th 10:20-11:05 Drake, Homeier, Nolan

1st 11:05-11:50 Martinez, Broom, Reyes

3rd 12:20-1:05 Gentry, Constantine, Tierrablanca

2nd 1:50-2:30 Partridge, Haynie, Caudill

2nd 2:35-3:15 Martinez, Terracina, Veenstra


5th 9:35-10:20 Gonzalez, Bickford, Richardson

4th 10:20-11:05 Maxson, Rodriguez, Gamez, Bartholomew

1st 11:05-11:50 Tackett, Mann, Torres

Kinder 12:20-1:00 K, Ordanes

Kinder 1:05-1:50 Phillips, Hansen, Fuentes


3rd 12:20-1:05 Taylor, Rackley, Stowe