Grading Guidelines

Dear Parents,

One of our primary goals as Physical Education teachers is to teach every child how and why they should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime. In our physical education program, we provide learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Listed below is some information about P.E. at Greenwood Forest.

Dress Requirements:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. Please write first and last name in any articles of clothing your child may remove during P.E.
  2. Tennis shoes are needed, required, and important for your child’s safety.
  3. Girls wear shorts under dresses.


  1. Students are expected to try their best and participate in this class.
  2. If the student is unable to participate, a parent/ guardian note is required. After three consecutive parent’s notes a doctor’s note is requested.
  3. Please inform the P.E. teacher and nurse of any limitations.


  1. Participation- based on Running Day laps completed and daily activity in PE (incorrect P.E. attire will result in being sat out and will affect this grade)

E= Exceeds expectations S= Meets expectations

N= Meets some expectations U= Does not meet expectations most of the time

2. Conduct – which is earned by the student’s behavior

E= 0-1 marks in the conduct book S= 2 marks in the conduct book

N= 3 marks in the conduct book U= 4+ marks in the conduct book

*An office referral will be an automatic drop to an N/U depending on the offense

3. Health – based on class discussion and participation

Procedures your child should follow in PE:

  1. Enter and exit the gym safely.
  2. Listen and follow directions.
  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to oneself.
  4. Show good sportsmanship and respect towards other students and teachers.
  5. Take pride in yourself and your school and give your best effort.
  6. Be a model of integrity.

Running Day: Once a week each class will participate in their running program outside. The students are expected to get a minimum number of laps set by the coach at the beginning of each P.E. class. Students’ laps and mileage are recorded and an award is given for most laps boy/girl in each grade level at the awards ceremony at the end of the school year. Please have your child wear tennis shoes and weather appropriate clothes on running days. Also, students are encouraged to bring a water bottle (water ONLY) on their running days.



5th 9:35-10:20 Manzano, McArthur, Hope

4th 10:20-11:05 Drake, Homeier, Nolan

1st 11:05-11:50 Martinez, Broom, Reyes

3rd 12:20-1:05 Gentry, Constantine, Tierrablanca

2nd 1:50-2:30 Partridge, Haynie, Caudill

2nd 2:35-3:15 Martinez, Terracina, Veenstra


5th 9:35-10:20 Gonzalez, Bickford, Richardson

4th 10:20-11:05 Maxson, Rodriguez, Gamez, Bartholomew

1st 11:05-11:50 Tackett, Mann, Torres

Kinder 12:20-1:00 K, Ordanes

Kinder 1:05-1:50 Phillips, Hansen, Fuentes


3rd 12:20-1:05 Taylor, Rackley, Stowe

Any questions please feel free to contact us at 832-484-5697

Thank you for your support!

Coach Delcambre, Coach Garrigan, and Coach Versland