Dear All,

We are happy to welcome you all to IST for the school year 2022-2023. You are joining a dynamic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable faculty. We chose you because we believe you also fit this profile, and that you, along with all our returning teachers will help to guide IST to new heights.

We are sharing this site with you so that you have all the information in one place. The tabs on the left are in order of importance, but obviously you can dip in and out as you have time or your questions arise. We will also send you reminders by email every now and then to check something on this site. Please make sure you read this site, and all the information contained in it, as they are essential for the preparation to your arrival in Italy.

If you have any questions please let us know, feel free to email us when you need any clarification.

Here are some of the people you can get in touch with:

Head of School: Ms. Lara Pazzi: l.pazzi@isturin.it

Operations Manager: Gianluca Collu: g.collu@isturin.it

Primary Principal: Ms. Magdalena Matysow: m.matysow@isturin.it

Secondary Principal: Matthew Thurstan: m.thurstan@isturin.it

HR: Valeria Cocchi: v.cocchi@isturin.it

Looking forward to meeting you all in person.

Lara Pazzi - Head of School