Ditmas J.H.S. 62

Three Academies: One School

700 Cortelyou Rd. | Brooklyn, NY 11218 | Phone: 718.941.5450 | Fax: 718.693.7433

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April 15 PTA Flier (1).pdf

Asociación de Padres de Familia

Jueves, 15 de abril a las 18:00 horas

Únase a la reunión del zoom

Habrá asistencia lingüística disponible para el español y el urdu.

পিতামাতার মেলামেশা

বৃহস্পতিবার, 15 এপ্রিল সকাল 6:00 টা

জুম সভায় যোগদান করুন

ভাষা সহায়তা স্প্যানিশ এবং উর্দুর জন্য উপলব্ধ হবে।

نجمن برائے والدین و اساتذہ

جمعرات ، 15 اپریل، شام 6:00 بجے

زوم میٹنگ میں شامل ہوں

ہسپانوی اور اردو زبان کے لئے مدد دستیاب ہوگ

Ota-onalar birlashmasi

15-aprel, payshanba, soat 18:00 da.

Kattalashtirish yig'ilishiga qo'shiling

Ispan va urdu tillarida yordam ko'rsatiladi.

The Ditmas Parent Teacher Association invites you to a scheduled Zoom meeting, this Thursday, April 15, at 6:00 pm. We hope to see you!

Please check your email, or the school website for the link to the meeting, also found on Ditmas.org

Thank you.

Learning Preference Survey 2020-2021: https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreference

DOE Family Update April 8, 2021

NYCDOE Update for Families April 8 2021.pdf

Update for Families March 22, 2021

Update for Families March 22 2021.pdf

Update for Families March 19, 2021

Family Letter March 19 2021.pdf

Ditmas Calendars

The classes for 6/7/8th grade are listed on the bottom of the calendars. Look for your child's class to see which schedule they are following.

april-2021-printable-calendar a-b.docx
april-2021-printable-calendar a-b-c.docx


doe-dece-health-screening-questionnaire_english (1).pdf

NYC DOE Consent for Covid-19 Testing

Student COVID-19 Testing Consent Form - September 27 2020.pdf

IMPORTANT: All Ditmas families need to fill out this form.

Family Income Inquiry Form

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We need our Ditmas families to fill out this form. It provides free breakfast, lunch and other funding to our students. Thank you!!!