8th Grade Academy

8th Grade Assistant Principal

Ms. Gina Lynch

(718) 941-5450 ext. 3271



Picture of Assistant Principal Lynch

The 8th Grade Academy is located on the 3rd floor. Their goal is to prepare students for high school. Guidance Counselors work closely with students to help them with their high school applications. Students are able to enjoy fun activities like the Senior Trip and the Senior Prom.

8th Grade Academy Support Staff

Picture of Dean Akhter

Ms. Akhter

8th Grade Dean

(718) 941-5450 ext. 3111


Picture of Guidance Counselor Muscarella

Ms. Muscarella

Guidance Counselor

(718) 941-5450 ext. 3452


Picture of Family Worker Coles

Ms. Coles

Family Worker

(718) 941-5450 ext. 3023


What is Law Day?

Law Day is held in the first week in May every year to celebrate the role of law in our society and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the legal profession.

Students have an opportunity to volunteer for Community Service. The curriculum revolves around Law, Community Service and the Legal System.

Law Day DNN Spring 2018.mp4