6th Grade Academy

The 6th Grade Academy is located on the 1st floor of Ditmas IS 62. The 6th grade academy introduces our students to the middle school experience. For the first time in their education the have a different teacher for every subject. They go to our locker room where they have to change into the Ditmas physical education uniform. They get to experience foreign languages for the first time and get an opportunity to sample our many talent classes.

6th Grade

Assistant Principal

Ms. Olivene McIntosh

(718) 941-5450 ext. 1041




Picture of Assistant Principal McIntosh

6th Grade Academy Support Staff

Ms. Ruggieri

6th Grade Dean

(718) 941-5450 ext. 1341


Ms. Schillaci

Guidance Counselor

(718) 941-5450 ext. 1461


Ms. Santos

Family Worker

(718) 941-5450 ext. 1042