Florence B Mathis elementary School

STEM Certification

Florence B. Mathis ignites a passion for learning in an environment where everyone is nurtured and inspired for a successful future. Our motto is "Change starts with M.E." Mathis Elementary.

Executive Summary

Baldwin County Schools is committed to high academic standards and performance as recognized by our AdvancEd district accreditation. Baldwin County Public School Systems is comprised of two technology schools, one virtual school, eight high schools, eight middle schools, three intermediate schools, and sixteen elementary schools. Baldwin County has invested in a curriculum to support STEM education by becoming a 1:1 technology district, investing in programs to support learning in all content areas, and adopting STEMscopes science materials.

Florence B. Mathis Elementary School is a leader in STEAM education for Baldwin County Public Schools. Florence B. Mathis Elementary School's vision has led us into working towards advancing our students' learning into the rigor of today's science, technology, engineering, and math standards. We were the only school in Baldwin County to have a STEM team compete in the University of South Alabama's and AMSTI's STEM competition in 2019. Our school placed first overall in robotics and 5th overall.

Our professional learning has been STEM driven. We collaborated as a faculty and decided our professional learning would be STEM focused until we attended The Ron Clark Academy. After experiencing the Academy's synergy with music and dance, we broadened our focus to add the arts in STEM to STEAM. Teachers have attended Model Schools, Trek Tech, AMSTI, and Kagan Cooperative Learning trainings to discover more ways we can include STEAM into our curriculum and embed it into our school culture. Our goal is to be on the forefront of STEAM certification for our system and be consistent with Baldwin County Public Schools' vision.

The vision of Baldwin County Public Schools is to foster a nurturing environment with high expectations for students to achieve their potential and graduate with countless opportunities. Baldwin County Public Schools' mission is to prepare all students to graduate College and Career Ready through a culture of equity and opportunity. We are #BaldwinProud! and #CommunityStrong. As a part of Baldwin County Public Schools, our mission is to ignite a passion for learning in an environment where everyone is nurtured and inspired for a successful future.

Foley Intermediate School STEM comp Final.mp4

This is a video we made for a STEM competition at The University of South Alabama. The video showcases Foley Intermediate School's STEM highlights around our campus.