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Checking out books from the lrc

How Do I Check Out Books During Remote+?

Hoffman Students can now check out books from the LRC while in Remote+!

Here's how:

  • Log into Destiny Discover on your iPad

  • Search for the books that you would like to read

  • Place a Hold on the book you would like (you may place 3 books on Hold)

  • When you come into Hoffman on Thursday or Friday, your classroom teacher will have your book for you!

  • You have one week to Read and Enjoy your book!

  • When you come into school the next week, please return your book in the Book Return Bin by the main entrance

  • Repeat the process to check out up to two books per week

Place books on hold by Monday afternoon to get them the same week!

Check below for video tutorials on how to do this on your iPad:

How Do I Check Out eBooks?

There are two ways to enjoy eBooks on your iPads!

The first is by using Destiny Discover:

You can always enjoy eBooks using Open eBooks:

Please ask your classroom teacher for your unique Open eBook code!

How Do I Check Out Magazines on Flipster?

Checking out magazines using Flipster is simple!

  • Download the Flipster App from Self Service

  • Join Hoffman Elementary School in Glenview, Il

  • Login to Flipster:

    • Username: hoffman

    • Password: student-20

  • Read and Enjoy :)

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