Community ACTIVITY Programmes

Sign up for Academic Year 2023/24 is now OPEN!

(Season 1 2023/24 dates: 21 August - 12 November 2023)

Community programmes are activity programmes open to UWCSEA and non-UWCSEA community seeking additional development and competitive opportunities. Our aim is to bring the wider community together through a diverse range of activities.

We offer group trainings as well as competitive opportunities, catering to various sports and skill levels. The programmes are predominantly run on the weekends with selected sports such basketball, softball, cricket and volleyball may also include weekday sessions. Guided by the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) approach, we provide a framework that ensures individual's optimal growth and development. 

Beyond our weekly group training, we extend our offerings to include holiday programmes during the UWCSEA term breaks.

All community programmes at UWCSEA are designed with utmost consideration for safety and well-being.

For more information on our comprehensive safety procedures, please click here.

Netball [NEW]

Rugby - TitansRFC [Community Partner]