HMC Machine Shop

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and machine shop relocation, the HMC machine shop is closed to users and visitors. We are working on bringing the new machine shop to you as soon as possible. Currently, the shop is set to open under the new McGregor building on July 26th.

The machine shop is currently staffed by a small student team that works on projects from research teams / faculty members / student teams. The shop is currently taking limited requests due to a backlog of projects and shop relocation. To contact the summer machine shop regarding requests and opening dates, email

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Before you use the shop, please review the Shop Rules and take the Safety Quiz. You will not be allowed into the machine shop until you have passed the safety quiz!

If you have any questions regarding the shop, or you want to learn more about machining, check out our FAQ and Tutorials.

To learn more about what the shop has to offer, check out the Machines page.

About the Shop

The student machine shop at Harvey Mudd College is a two-room machining, woodworking, and prototyping facility. Open to all students at the Claremont Colleges Consortium, the shop allows students to collaborate on class projects, fabricate components for research, and create personal projects.

The machine shop is run by a student management team, supervised by a shop manager and faculty advisor. It is staffed daily by a dedicated team of student proctors, who ensure the safety of shop users, teach machining practices, and maintain shop machines and equipment.

To learn more about the shop, see the About page.


You must pass the safety quiz before using the shop!

Check availability and sign up before printing!

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Student Projects

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We are always looking for new student projects to spotlight so please please email us photos/descriptions of your awesome class and personal projects!!!