Summer Programs


In order for Lynbrook staff members to accommodate the number of requests of recommendation letters needed for various summer programs/internships/volunteer opportunities, students are expected to follow the Lynbrook Summer Recommendation Letter process. Use the checklist below and supporting documents as needed.

  1. READ the LHS Summer Program Checklist
  2. COMPLETE the LHS Summer Program Information Sheet
  3. UPDATE your Resume in Naviance or Virtual Job Shadow (mandatory)
  4. REQUEST transcripts from the Registrar (if required).

There are many different kinds of summer programs out there. We have listed and linked some that might be of interest to you, depending on your desired field/area/region/interest. Please note that these programs have not been investigated for their quality or reputation. Lynbrook High School does not endorse these programs; this list is simply a resource with which you can begin your search. It is important that you do additional research before choosing any program.


Tips for finding the right summer program ... article on In Like Me

  1. Consider your goals
  2. Consider your budget
  3. Consider your schedule
  4. Get an early start on your research
  5. Understand selectivity
  6. Don't assume attending will help you gain college admission
  7. Beware of invitations to leadership programs
  8. Think twice before paying extra to earn college credit