Elder Keepers

In the Fort McMurray School Division each of the 16 schools were designated two Elder Keepers.  The responsibilities of the Elder Keepers include (but are not limited to) greeting our Elders at the entrance of the school upon their arrival.  They are welcomed with a warm greeting and offered coffee, tea or water.  Elders are taken to their destination and assurances are made for a comfortable visit (i.e comfortable seating).  When the visit is over, our Elder Keepers walk our Elders to the door and they are thanked for their presence and attendance.   

Beacon Hill
Public School

Elder Keeper (Left): Blake Wanderingspirit 

Elder Keeper (Right):  Jacob Spencer 

Christina Gordon
Public School

Caleesha Marten, Ghaelle Daonais, Mika Hiscock &Adasyn Barr

Dr. K.A. Clark Public School

Division One Elder Keeper:   

Division Two Elder Keeper:  

Dave McNeilly
Public School

Elder Keepers (Left to right): Lincoln Simms (gr 6), Hanna Belhumeur (gr 6), Madden Gulevich (gr 4), Cassie Nichols (gr 5).

École Dickinsfield 

Elder Keeper (Left to right): Logan Flett (Gr. 6), Katie Stephens (Gr. 3), Hailey Warner (Gr. 5), and Koda Mercredi (Gr. 6)

École McTavish High

Elder Keepers (Left to right): Itayjia Maclean, Lana Kamingoak, Will Noseworthy


Frank Spragins

Elder Keeper (Left):  Chance Meers 

Elder Keeper (Right):  Mason Wanderingspirit

Fort McMurray Composite High

Elder Keeper (Left):  Isabella Knibb

Elder Keeper (Right):  Cameron Farthing

Fort McMurray  Islamic School

Elder Keeper (Left):  Quds Ferdjallah

Elder Keeper (Right):   Adam Gelle

Greely Road Public School

Elder Keeper (Left): 

Thickwood Public

Elder Keeper (Left):  Carter Waquan,, Bear Croucher

Elder Keeper (Right): Wilder Reichstein,  Lexie MacKinnon

Timberlea Public School

Elder Keeper (Left):   Annabel Lord-Flett 

Elder Keeper (Right):  Grayson Badger

Walter & Gladys Hill
Public School

Elder Keepers:   BAck row: Wyatt Swain 

Front left to right - Katani Berard, Rowan Amyotte, Rielle Swain, Levi Dolmont.  

Westview Public School

Elder Keeper (Left): Gemma Pompana McDonald

Elder Keeper (Right):  Adalyn Benoit

Westwood Community
High School

Elder Keeper (Left):  Amy Gambler 

Elder Keeper (Right):  Michael Gambler Gilks