Anthony J. Stevens                      802 West Indiana Street            Edon, OH 43518                  

Email:  astevens@edon-nw.org    Phone:  419-272-3213 ext 1024     Fax:  419-272-2240


Welcome to the Edon Northwest Local School district webpage.  I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve the students, parents, and community as the district superintendent.  I believe that our district has and will continue to provide excellent educational and extracurricular opportunities for our students, and that our faculty and staff consists of wonderful people who want to make a difference in the lives of students because they care about each and every student.  Our district consistently performs at a very high level and this is directly attributable to the hard work and dedication of every student, parent, and faculty member.  I am always impressed by the pride that exists both within our school system and within our community.  Thank you for making our district excellent. 

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to discuss any matters pertaining to our school system.  I can be reached at (419) 272- 3213.  My email is astevens@edon-nw.org.  In addition, I am available to meet in person if you would like to visit the school.

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