Culture Playbook

Edon Northwest Local School District Culture Playbook - Page 1- Belief Behavior Outcome  Effort     Commit to Growth  PMA - Positive Mental Attitude  Embrace Change   Step up to Challenges  Be Better Today Than Yesterday    Execute  Take Ownership  Do What is Necessary  Adjust and Adapt  Be Relentless  Be Disciplined  Team  Win with People  Communicate Respectfully  Create Exceptional Experiences  Invest in others  Be United as Bombers
 Culture Playbook Page 2 - Let’s Get To Work  Effort  Commit to Growth - Growth is necessary in all that we do.  We are not a finished product, and our goals and objectives are not static.  Since true growth is dependent on productive discomfort, we strive to improve every day and to accept new opportunities to overcome adversity.  We will do the work.  PMA - Positive Mental Attitude - Every day is a new opportunity.  We choose to begin each day with optimism and a belief that by being positive in our immediate surroundings we can positively influence and impact people and events. This attitude will enable individual and collective growth.  Embrace Change - Change is a constant and needed aspect of growth, and how we respond is the only element that can be controlled by the individual.  We recognize that change is not always easy and that it often requires us to develop new skills and to be flexible particularly when it may be uncomfortable.  We are choosing to welcome change as part of the growth process and to build the skills required to succeed.  By accepting the need for change, the process becomes more efficient and greater results can be produced.  Step Up To Challenges -  We are willing to face the challenges that arise during the growth process. We understand that when events are most challenging our response has to get better.  To grow, we must overcome different setbacks, limitations, and forms of adversity to achieve our desired outcomes. We will seek the means and methods needed to face the challenges to obtain the desired growth.   Be Better Today Than Yesterday
Culture Playbook Page 3 - Execute  Take Ownership - Our immediate surroundings can be described as the 20 square feet that we can control and own. It is our responsibility to have responses that are designed to achieve the desired positive, elite outcomes.  If our response isn’t good enough to achieve the outcome we desire, we will reflect on our response and work to get better.  Do What is Necessary - We accept that desired outcomes are not given; they are earned, and we will put in the required effort, time, and work to obtain those outcomes.  Our work ethic has to be greater than our want ethic.    Adjust and Adapt - When our response doesn’t achieve our intended outcome we will reflect on the process and look for opportunities to improve upon our current skill and effort.  We do not view a set back as a failure, but rather as feedback about the quality of our response.    Be Relentless - Failure is only possible if we quit.  We are driven to win each moment by managing our response to earn the outcome we desire.  Growth is not a perfect process, but it is a process that is only possible through continuous effort.  We will set high expectations for ourselves and do the work necessary to achieve those goals no matter how long it may take.  Be Disciplined
Culture Playbook Page 4 - Team  Win With People - Education revolves around people, and we need people to exist.  Each and every person in and around this organization is valuable and plays an important role.  As a community, we will build relationships with students, parents, teachers, and others to provide an exceptional experience to each students served and the community.  Communicate Respectfully - Effective and productive teamwork is based around communication that is delivered respectfully. This communication must be free from blaming, complaining, or defending and be considerate of the other’s viewpoints, opinions, and interests.  Central to all communication is the skill of listening, and we will seek opportunities to grow in this skill daily.  By engaging in respectful communication, a team can achieve shared goals.  Create Exceptional Experiences - We are set apart because of how much we care about our students, families, community and each other.  We are able to make a difference in the lives of those around us by finding out what is important to them and making it important to us in a way that they feel.  We strive for alignment in our attitude, actions, and words.    Invest in Others - We will seek opportunities to add value to the lives of those around us.  All members of the school and community must enable each other to produce the best version of self. By devoting time, energy, and resources to each other, a greater community of elite members can be established. The personal investments made will establish a sense of value of self, commitment to the district, and belonging to the community.   Be United as Bombers Do The Work

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