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I love spending time with my husband and two sons. I love checking out museums and going to antique/farm fairs.


I am a SUNY Oswego Graduate for both my BA and an MA degree.

Why teach?

I am a Technology Education teacher because I love Technology and I love helping others learn new things.

Technology is not just computers but literally everything that surrounds us. From transportation to energy systems and more, technology affects ours lives constantly, even without communication devices like computers/phones. I also love design. I have an interested of design not just artistically but also the physical design make up of an item.

Education, being a teacher is something I have done since I was younger. I chose this venue as a profession because I enjoy seeing the others light up when they learn something and then take that knowledge and put it to use. It is addicting to help someone who truly enjoys the knowledge they attain and then takes that knowledge and shows others.

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Author to Children's Book Series - What is Technology

What is Technology - T

Published in 2019, Defines What Technology is and means. Picture book that demonstrations and informs about Transportation and Tools portion of Technology

What is Technology - E

Coming Soon.... Introduces and defines Energy types and Engineering Pathways. Picture book that demonstrations and informs about the different forms of Engineering .

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