CPA Edition 2022 & Showcase

Over the span of two years since the pandemic, we have been able to work with almost 50 different personal and/or community archiving projects through our homegrown initiative, Constructing Personal Archives, and its different outcomes. In 2022, we are continuing similar efforts to enable participants from across borders to come together to participate in different workshops, co-create archiving projects, and engage in related conversations. 

Queer Ink Archives places histories of LGBTHQIA+ Indians within India’s history. We believe it is time to make ourselves visible and celebrate our Pride with family and friends across and that we need to change the current LGBGHQIA+ Indian narratives in the mainstream globally with, in our own words, our everyday lived experiences. 

The Cloakroom Archive: weaving neighborhood histories into placemaking

Bangaloreans (or Bengalureans) we invite you to bring your personal archives and initiate experiential conversations about your neighborhood in the city. Under the umbrella curatorial of “care in construction”, we are hosting a public exhibition of all such stories from the neighborhoods in Bangalore and unpacking the ongoing sociopolitical narratives of belongingness. 

‘Kitchen to Kacheri’ was an engagement-based exhibition curated by Ishita Shah, as a part of the umbrella exhibition ‘this will keep you warm’ - 12 curated exhibitions for the Curatorial Intensive South Asia (CISA) Fellowship 2021 - a key program by Khoj International Artists' Association and Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi in March 2022 at India International Center, New Delhi. 

Heritage Beku in collaboration with Destination Heritage invites citizens between the age of 12 and 17 years to participate in the essay writing competition. This call for participation is rooted in the idea of action for change,  wherein the participants are urged to think about ways in which local residents can get involved, discussions can be initiated with bureaucrats, various professionals can be engaged and sustainable ways of preservation can be sought out for celebrating the rich heritage of Karnataka. 

This is an ongoing project focused on archiving, interpreting and disseminating the narratives of pratice at BIOME Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from over last thirty years. The final outcome is envisaged to be a set of pocket friendly publications and a digital archive of various resources.

This archive will serve as a safe space for anybody to share their experiences and emotions in anonymity. We want to collect, care for and preserve these experiences so our histories of these times are not forgotten and erased in the future. 

Curating for Culture’s first self-published work, this archival compendium is conceptualised with an intention to memorialise the experiences from Constructing Personal Archives 2020. 

Curating for Culture is one of the six fellows from India, who have been selected to further their research projects using technological explorations at Futua Tropica. FT is an intertropical network of grassroot local networks for lateral exchange of other forms of knowledges, designs and technologies.It uses IFPS protocol to connect Rhizomes in Bogota (Colombia), Kinhasa (DR Congo) and Bengaluru (India).  

We invite you to send your proposals for a four month long online engagement to curate and create your own archival projects. Selected participants will meet every month, four times for either of the following: technical workshops with archive professionals, presentation by researchers, mentoring and sharing discussions within the group. 

An exposure initiative, the intention is to open an archival project to the public at large and expose its creative processes. We invited a wide range of practitioners to share their experiences, such that people from different walks of life can relate to the subject of archival interpretation and curation. 

Lab Culture: life beyond sciences, was a two-part exhibition curated in June 2019 and Sept 2019. The intention of this exercise was to bring forth the nature of life and work at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) through the intersection of art, design, history and science. 

In collaboration with The Kishkinda Trust (TKT), we proposed to create a community-led archive in Hampi-Anegundi. The resource center would be a collection of studies and projects carried out in the region by TKT and other participating individuals and organisations. The intention was to create a space for participation and ownership of the local community members in preserving and promoting their local histories and cultural narratives. 

Design Dialogues is a series of monthly  public engagements intended to bring trans-disciplinary practitioners together, in conversation with people from all walks of life. These conversations are anchored around different cultural issues and its changing interpretations across various creative practices. Design-ed Dialogues is being co-curated with Public Space Designer Rahul Bisht, to ensure a wider reach via digital dissemination.