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Designer. Gamer. Architectural Historian. Dancer. Chef. Heritage Practitioner. Traveller. Artist. Moderator. Conversationalist. Event-Planner. Thinker. Visualiser. Mentor. Writer. Archivist. Performer. Oral Historian. Animator. Reader. Activist. Maker. Listener. Curator. 

Aditi Chauhan

Born in Shimla and based in Delhi, I am a creative media and arts practitioner with experience in conceptualizing audio-visual works as a video editor.

I have a keen interest in multi-disciplinary collaborations using both new and traditional methods of communication, striving towards a slow and eco-conscious practice capturing the fleeting and mundane nuances of life, along with a personal interest in mapping development across the fields of arts, design, architecture, ecology, collective identity and conscience, in harmony with nature. I have worked as a curatorial assistant to artist Shubigi Rao (Curator, Kochi Muziris Biennale upcoming edition), with whom I have also worked as an editor on some of her short video works such as Written in the Margins, The Pelagic Tracts, and The Yellow Scarf.  I have also been a radio presenter in the past for the General Overseas Service of All India Radio, and it is a medium I wish to explore, revive and continue to understand and implement better. I completed my Master in Mass Communication in 2015 from AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Milia Islamia, a place I hold dear to my heart. And hey, I love to travel, sing and write songs for the soul and sometimes release music videos on YouTube, and under a series titled The Flop Show on Instagram

Website- www.adichao.com

Ananthan Suresh

I'm a heritage practitioner interested in the intangible heritage of communities. I'm deeply intrigued by the stories and narratives of people and places. Through projects, I have tried to portray different narratives of communities in the form of heritage walks, narrative games, exhibitions, etc. thereby trying to understand the diverse history and collective memory of people.

Behance link - www.behance.net/ananthan_suresh

Bhargav Padhiyar

Bhargav is a new media designer based in world heritage city Ahmedabad. He is the founder of Studio IF where his practice explores enhancing interpretation of cultural and natural heritage using new media. Since past three years, he has been working with museums, virtual museums, rural places, craft communities and educational institutions on various projects as a researcher, designer and educator. His interests are hands-on making, traveling, speculative fiction, xr, projection mapping, overthinking and filter coffee.

Work website - www.studioif.in 

Ishita Shah

Trained as a designer and historian, Ishita’s practice revolves around the idea of curating for culture. Through the lockdowns of 2020-21, she has been conducting online engagements on family archiving and moderated an exposure series, Curating Archives to discuss creatives possibilities for archiving in India and the Global South.

Ishita has received the Graham Foundation Grant for Research in 2020. Over the last year, Ishita has collaborated with Biome Environmental Solutions, National Centre for Biological Sciences and INTACH Bengaluru to curate a wide-range of dissemination exercises. She has also been curating a public engagement platform, Design Dialogues at the Courtyard, where diverse practitioners and academicians gather to discuss and decode complex, cultural issues. Prior to this, Ishita has been an educator, course leader and the coordinator to the UNESCO Chair in Culture, Habitat and Sustainable Development (2016-18) at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. She has also been the founding archivist and project coordinator at CEPT Archives, and worked with Royal Institute of British Architects (London), INSITE Magazine, SPADE India Research Cell and Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre, Ahmedabad.

Ishita is currently focusing her research and practice onto understanding and defining feminist approaches to preservation pedagogy.


Netra Ajjampur

Netra Ajjampur is co-founder and director of Sortedpandit Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice based in Bangalore.

Alumna of CEPT University, India and a trained Karnatic vocalist, Netra is an architect working towards carving a niche in art, design and its research. Her creative practice brings together art, culture and design by curating and enabling visual and spatial design.

She is also co-founder and curator of Project Platypus, a research initiative that seeks to initiate and observe collaborative design processes through multidisciplinary design competitions and self initiated research projects.

Poornima Francis

Poornima Francis is a multimedia practitioner. She graduated in June 2021 with a Postgraduate Degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in Audio Visual Media at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication in Pune. During her study, she wrote and directed several short film scripts since developing a special interest in stories of cultural (and emotional) resistance. She has since attempted to focus her curiosity in the arena of producing digital content and collecting data for research projects in the arts and humanities sector, film festivals and news media outlets. 

She hopes to continue collaborating on projects that could foster her interest in the intersection of visual communications and the social sector.


Rahul Bisht

I am a designer, animator and a visual artist by practice. A recent graduate of Masters in Public Space Design, I have an affinity towards enhancing social, cognitive and physical experiences in public spaces. My research interests have led me to a journey of uncovering the rhythms and patterns in public spaces. Through my academic explorations I have had an opportunity to work with a range of public spaces from markets, streets, parks to river ghats, discovering practices of recreation, commerce, congregation, celebration, faith, ownership and subversion.

Rahul has been the co-curator for Design-ed Dialogues working on visualisation and editing digital content to ensure that the information reaches diverse audiences.

S Fiona Evangeline

S Fiona Evangeline is an practising architect, academic and researcher based out of Chennai. She is a post-graduate in Architectural History and Theory from CEPT University. After completing her masters she was a Teaching Associate in CEPT University and held a Visiting Faculty position at BMS College of Architecture. She has been involved in researches and has produced architectural narratives on Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai as a part of the course. She is also core member of research led architectural practice called Prayogshala. Her personal interest lies in the evolution of Urban form, elitism and parallel dystopia of urban spaces. She is Passionate about research and development of urban histories. Going forth she’s keen on producing research in the ‘global south’. 


Sanjna Girish Yechareddy

Sanjna graduated with an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Quantitative Methods from the University of Edinburgh. Her path into the field of archiving emerged from an interest in understanding the relationship between memory, violence and transitional justice in Sri Lanka. She has also previously worked with the UncoverEd Project as an Archival Researcher focusing on the University of Edinburgh's ties to the British Empire and with the Archives at NCBS on an oral history project of women in biology. Sanjna's interests lie at the intersections of anthropology, philosophy, and poetry and she aims to continue finding ways to merge her creative practice with research.

Link to Sanjna's work: @sanjna.y.poetry  

Shreya Gowri

Practicing Industrial Designer.Thinking by making and working with different media to tell her stories.

Shreya has conceptualised and worked on the visual identity for Curating for Culture.

Srivalli Kiran

Hi, I'm Srivalli, a sustainable urban designer passionate about green and blue infrastructure. I approach design with a first principle thinking and believe in integrating art, design, science, and technology. My expertise lies in urban mapping techniques, design tools, research, and storytelling. I am constantly exploring and have had the opportunity to work with various organizations, communities, stakeholders, spaces, systems, and design problems. My background also includes an interest in history and heritage, which enriches my work and understanding of the built environment. I am dedicated to creating sustainable, equitable, and beautiful spaces that enhance the lives of those who inhabit them. 

Vallabhi Jalan

I graduated in Interior Design and then pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Space Design from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology. My interest in finding a way to remember my grandmother's stories made me attend Ishita's workshop on Archiving Family Histories in May 2020. Since then it has been a journey of learning and exploring different archiving processes for creative practice. I also enjoy illustrating and currently I am working with Curating for Culture and UNESCO New Delhi office to create digital content for their social media platforms.

Vedika Kaushal

Vedika Kaushal is a student of English Literature with a Master's from Ambedkar University Delhi. Exploring research within multi-disciplinary fields that combine literary practices with other cultural, archival, and creative forms of expression, she has gained professional editorial experience, worked in reputed archives and museum spaces. Currently working in freelancing and consultant capacities, she aspires to grow within these fields. 

Trishla Doshi

Trishla Doshi is a Visual artist and an Architect based in Mumbai, India. 

An old soul breathing the modern life, she is a philomath designer keen to communicate design in all mediums possible. Her career as a visual artist started while she was working on her undergrad thesis, ‘Echoes of the Ethos.’ It’s when she developed a strong passion towards narrating history, literature and art through visuals. Upon discovering her creative niche, she has been involved in branding, illustrating, content creation, oral history projects and more to go.

Instagram- @trishladoshi

Email- hunkaar9802@gmail.com