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Stop Bullying!

It's the Law!

House Bill 1942, the anti-bullying law, requires all school districts in Texas to adopt anti-bullying procedures and a policy to address bullying on campus. Additionally, House Bill 1942, which is now included in the Texas Education Code at Section 37.0832, includes an updated definition of bullying.


Senate Bill 407 became a law in June 2011. Beginning in the school year 2012-13 every school district in Texas will be required to provide a program which addresses the issue of sexting with parents and students.

For more information on SB 407 - “Sexting” visit the Texas School Safety Center website

Sexting Prevention Course - An online course to prevent sexting from the Texas School Safety Center.

Student Welfare: Freedom From Bullying

Clint ISD Board Policy

FFI (LEGAL): LEGAL policies compile federal law, state law, and court decisions, providing the statutory context in which all other policies should be read.

FFI (LOCAL): LOCAL policies reflect decisions made by the board of trustees.