Welcome to the Creekview High School Band page. We are very excited to have you be a part of our organization this year. Please make sure to bookmark this page so you can quickly see what is happening with the Creekview Band.


Band Registration Form : We need this filled out ASAP to have accurate numbers for Band!

Band Enrollment Choice: Please indicate your choice of learning so we can plan for marching spots and gather sizes for marching apparel

Medical History & Physical exam: Students with a physical on file through CFB have a waiver for the Physical but all must provide a Medical History form unless they answer YES to Q1-6 on the medical history form. https://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/forms/PrePhysFormRvsd4_24_20.pdf


All Region Music is available on our website

Marching Band: If you were able to join us on our zoom meeting this past week or saw on social media, we have decided to preserve our current marching show (Troubled Waters) to use in application for Fall 2021. We are doing this to allow for our program to achieve the show at its intended and full potential without having to cut out important components through visual, costume, story board and adequate practice schedule. With that being said – we are incredibly excited and proud to announce our featured music for the 2020 fall titled : West Side Story! This is one of the most famous Musicals of all time and has amazing and very recognizable music – We are looking forward to sharing this music with our students and band community!

UPDATED SURVEY: Please fill out this quick survey to let us know which option you have selected so we can make plans for Marching spots and drill numbers.


Now – September 8th – Dallas County Declaration - No school sponsored events or activities may take place

Aug 17 – School Semester Begins (all virtual for 3 weeks)

Sep 8th – Return to campus and resume of in person instruction/activities (extracurricular)

Band Registration: This is going to be released on Aug 10th - Join our Booster Club and support our band students! We will host a Drive-thru Band registration to collect band fee deposits and important documents with signatures! Sign up today via SIGN UP GENIUS

Fan Pledge Fundraiser: Postponed to later in September/October

Week of Aug 10 – 14th – No scheduled events

Week of Aug 17th – 21st – School Begins (Virtual/Remote)

Week of Aug 24th – 28th -School week (Virtual/Remote)

Week of Aug 31st – Sep 4th – School week (Virtual/Remote)

Week of September 8 – 11th – School Week (on campus transition for traditional learning) remote learners will continue with virtual

*Please note that this can change, for now – it will be a point of reference.

PRIVATE LESSONS – will be a very important support system for our students, we ask and hope to have 95% or more enrollment in our lessons program to help advance our students proficiency and level of enjoyment in band! We’ve got about 6 months of deficiency to overcome. Together (class room instruction, virtual assignments, lesson study and parental support / encouragement) we will be able to bring our kids back up to speed. Lessons are an expense, but more importantly an INVESTMENT in your child and a strong support from parents to further promote their skill, musicianship and enjoyment.


*Scholarship assistance application available in the lessons contact page. This is due by Aug 21st - All requests will be reviewed by a scholarship committee and awarded on a need basis. LATE APPLICATIONS will not be accepted as funds will have been allocated. Awards available after Sep 8th. Questions? Email me – denisa@cfbisd.edu

CHS Principal Joe LaPuma sent out an email on Parent Square. We have about 1500 students enrolled. He announced that we would be shifting to a Block Schedule – this would put 4 classes on an A day and 4 classes on a B day.

If you have not enrolled just yet – here is the link


Block schedule

Sample Directors Band schedule* NOT OFFICIAL//SAMPLE *not student schedule

1a – Wind Sym / Drumline

2a- Jazz

3a- Conference period

4a- Concert Band

5b- Symphonic / Front Ensemble

6b - Advisory

7 - Conference

8- Guard Class / virtual planning


Students will be virtual for 3 weeks starting Aug 17th (first day of school) and will transition to traditional on campus starting Sept 8th . Remote learners will have a great opportunity to participate in their fine arts band classes during the day if you choose and will be able to attend our marching rehearsals, and football games during the fall! We’re very excited and happy that you’ll have this option!

DEVICE (Chrome book pick up)

All incoming freshmen will be able to pick up their Chromebook on the following days and times:

Monday August 10 10:00-2:00

Tuesday August 11th 10:00-2:00 or 4:00- 7:00

You must be registered to pick up your Chromebook! This is obviously important.

STUDENT CFB EMAIL ACCOUNTS - begin to check daily - Parents help establish a routine of checking daily for updates and information.

SMART MUSIC - has music go check it out

go to smartmusic.com and create an account(FREE) with your student cfb email and enroll in the creekview marching band class CWU2J-6WVHU


CREEKVIEW MUSIC FOLDER - has west side story plus more! You can print off anything you need and begin organizing your music for the fall!


LETTERMAN JACKETS - order your jacket now!! All students are eligible – including freshmen to order our AMAZING and UNIQUE to Band Letterman Jackets. When you order one now – you’ll be able to get yours in by the time the game season gets cold! Don’t wait. Use the link below to find the order form, sizing and contact information for MECA JACKETS through Yolanda McCormick


MARCHING REHEARSAL SCHEDULE Sep 8 – 11th (first week on campus)

Tue – 4-6pm

Wed – 4-6pm

Th – 4-6pm

Fri – 4-6pm

PROPOSED MARCHING SCHEDULE - starting September 14 (second week and on)

Monday 4-7:30pm

Tue 7-8:05

Wed 7-8:05

Thurs 7-8:05

Fri 7-8:05

* subject to change later in season

* this will give us an opportunity to see the kids in FULL ensemble every day since we’ll be in a block schedule and have our bands on a MWF or T/TH basis. We will give this option a fair chance and may change the scheduling a little later in the season. We thank you in advance for your flexibility and willingness to help us make it work – students who are remote will be able to be here for marching rehearsals and then go to band classes before going home for virtual classes.


We have the following items and can sell them to you and have you pick up at school

Flip folders $5

Extra pages .25 cents for 2pgs

Extra pages $1 for 8pgs

Clar Reeds $3

B.clar Reeds $5

Asax Reeds $3

Tsax Reeds $5

Bsax Reeds $5


Fill out this UPDATED ENROLLMENT SURVEY so we can keep track of your learning option. Traditional, Remote or full Virtual. Students that have completed BAND REGISTRATION, BAND FEES and participate are almost always guaranteed a spot. Marching Band is a very exciting activity and has competitive drive – the expenses of the show are high and our level of instruction and resources is incredible. Your understanding and support is critical in order to further boost the students, their production and their musical growth and enjoyment!

MARCHING BAND GUIDES: we finally have a starting document of technique and review of our marching style and introduction to basics. Click on our MARCHING GUIDE to browse and begin learning!


WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/cfbisd.edu/creekviewband/about-us/creekview-guard?authuser=0

INTEREST FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdvECAfSmCQEvmSaAeezmMBd81z6UyDQ6LSYd4rtDEhELmZaA/viewform

What is Color Guard?

Color Guard is a performance activity that involves dancing and spinning flags, rifles, and sabres. During the fall season, color guard performs with the marching band at football games, pep rallies, and local/national competitions. During the winter/spring seasons, color guard performs indoors, separate from the band at competitions both local and nationally. Please watch this short video HERE to see what we do.

Who can join?

ANY student that will attend CHS for the 2020-2021 school year. Boys and girls both welcome! No experience is necessary, we will teach you how to do it! Most of our members show up with zero experience, and we have a great staff that can teach anyone how to do it.


We are currently accepting members for the 2020-2021 school year! Please fill out this form for more information about tryouts and color guard in general. Even if you’re not quite sure yet, signing up is a great way to learn more about it and see if it’s something you’d enjoy!

**Color Guard fulfills both your Fine Arts and P.E. credit requirements for high school.**

If you have any questions, please send me an email at creekviewcg@gmail.com.

RANK ONE - Medical History/PHYSICALs upload


Instructions for filling out Band Paperwork

1. Log on to Rank One – www.rankonesport.com

2. Click “Fill out Electronic Forms” - top right corner

3. Click on State – TX

4. Click on Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

5. You may register for an account if you wish before signing the paperwork – click on “Register Now!”

6. Click on “Electronic Participation Forms” – on the top of the screen in black

a. Click on “CFBISD Emergency Form”

i. Fill out Student name, ID number, and click on Creekview for school attending – on top (must use legal name that the school has non file)

ii. Fill out the Athletic emergency form as completely as possible

iii. Sign – student and parent both sign

iv. Click submit – at bottom of the page

b. Click on “Medical History”

i. Fill out Medical History of student

7. Click on “Download and Print”

a. Click Physical (if needed)

i. Print

ii. Fill out Medical History and both parent and student sign the bottom

iii. Take Filled out medical history and blank Physical Exam form to your doctor to fill out and sign

iv. Recommendation – make a copy for your records -

v. Scan and fax to Coach Sundquist (sundquistr@cfbisd.edu) or Turn in one copy to Coach Sundquist or Coach Fonken-Crouch (Staff Athletic Trainers)

8. If you have completed your participation physical already – please email to Rob Sundquist – Head Athletic Trainer – sundquistr@cfbisd.edu

Medical History Form / Physical


All RETURNING Band members that have a Physical on file for the 19-20 School year have a special *Waiver that validates their existing PHYSICAL EXAM on file for the 20-21 School year.

All Students WILL still have to submit their MEDICAL HISTORY FORM. If a student answers YES on Q1-6 , they will need to secure another Physical exam for their safety.

QUESTIONS? Email Mr. Denis: denisa@cfbisd.edu

All Incoming 9th graders will NEED TO HAVE A PHYSICAL/MEDICAL HIST form on File. Exception: students that currently have a physical on file can be exempt from a new physical unless they answer “yes” on Q1-6 in the Medical History Form.

Link to Medical History Form –


It is in the best interest of your child’s health and safety to schedule your appointment with your child’s primary care physician or local clinic, early, in order to be ready for the fall.


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