Professional Learning

Bedford County Public Schools

This site will house the professional learning opportunities for Bedford County and will include both internal and external learning opportunities. Please peruse the opportunities and determine which, if any, will support you in working toward your professional goal.

Financial Resources

Request for Division Funding for Conferences/Workshops

If you see a workshop or conference you are interested in attending and would like to submit a request for division funding, please secure principal permission first, and then complete the following FORM.

Tuition Assistance for Coursework

If you want to take college coursework or need to take a required assessment, please access the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) APPLICATION so that Bedford County Public Schools can help cover up to $1000 of the associated costs. Procedures to follow are listed below.

Tuition Assistance Procedures

  1. Individuals seeking TAP funding should submit their application prior to taking the course or PRAXIS they are requesting funding for. This will allow funds to be encumbered on their behalf up to a maximum of $1000.00 per applicant per school year. When the TAP form is submitted the following information is required on the form:

    • Course Title, Course Code Number, College/University, Credit Hours, Date of Class(es)

      • Example: Public Policy, LS 806, University of Lynchburg, 3.0 credit hours, June-August 2020

    • Course Description/Syllabus must also be submitted with application

    • Submit application to Office of Recruitment and Retention: Attention Sherry Wiese

  2. A letter will be sent to applicant indicating:

    • Application for funding has been approved and funds have been encumbered in applicant’s name

    • Application for funding has not been approved

    • All allocated funds for the year have been encumbered and applicants should resubmit their application after July 1 of the following school year

  3. After funding has been approved, the applicant should complete their course or PRAXIS.

  4. The applicant should then submit the following items to Sherry Wiese in the Office of Recruitment and Retention:

  5. Funds will be reimbursed to the applicant in accordance with the approved amount.