Tech Update: 

Fall 2021



Wow - Last year was one for the record books.  With all the precautions around COVID, so many of our events were cancelled.  STILL with limited or no fans allowed at the fall and winter sports, BEC-TV delivered a record amount of live sports programming, and our crews became like heroes to folks longing to see their teams compete.  Concerts & such moved to parking lots and other odd venues made every production a challenge. But folks tuning in LOVED our coverage.

Thanks for those of you who teamed with us to make it happen!

We’re hoping this year will be a BIT more normal, and we’re hoping you techs who had to be on the sidelines last year can get back into the action with us this fall.  We’ve been missing you!

Newbies,  WELCOME to the BEC-TV family.  We're downright tickled that you're choosing to join us in our mission of making amazing TV while having a buttload of fun.  Feel free to ask lots and lots of questions, OK?

Everyone... Check out the scoop for Tech Teams below and let us know how YOU are ready to plug in to BEC!

-See ya at the shoots!  - Tom Ringdal,   BEC-TV Exalted Poobah (and dishwasher) 

We’re mighty proud of the work ya’ll made happen, and Dang Proud that - not only did we made LOTS of programs, but you guys helped bring home THREE AWARDS this spring! Check it out here.

Love BEC?  Invite your Friends! 

While we sometimes do recruiting in the schools, we’ve found our BEST source for getting the word out about how awesome it is to work with BEC-TV is by Word of Mouth.

If you’re lovin’ your experience being part of a dynamic award winning production team, invite your friends to come check us out too. There aren’t many programs in the schools as FLEXIBLE as BEC-TV, or that offer FREE participation.

Have ‘em tag along with you to a shoot, or fill out our Online Tech Profile Form

You can even earn some FREE BEC WEAR for aimin’ good folks our way!

Tech Portal Resources

The TECH PORTAL is a great resources for all techs and their adults.

Find links to the production calendar, shoot locations, BEC wear order form, New Tech resources, and more here.

(It's also linked from our main public website)


As the pandemic and health guidances change, so will things around here. We will communicate changes as they happen.

Currently, masks are required in all school buildings, so we will be requiring masks when in buildings or in the truck, and distancing whenever possible.

Tech Teams and Production Schedule

Signing up for Shoots

1)  It's GREAT - but not required to sign up for one or more "Tech Teams" (See Below).  

2)  Keep an eye on our Production Calendar.  This is changing all the time as opportunities evolve.

3) A couple days before they happen, we'll email out invitations for all productions NOT already  covered by a Tech Team OR those needing extra crew members. Techs, when you get an invitation Be SURE to respond with a Yes or No. Not responding means you didn't see the invite. (Some PARENTS receive shoot  invites too, at their request, just so they know what's up. Parent do NOT need to RSVP)

4)  If there's a Late Breaking need (like the night before a shoot) or major news, we may send our a group text via "Remind".  If you've never received one of these you may not be on the list. Let us know!

Tech Teams

Tech Teams meet to cover specific events, or events on a specific day. They're great 'cuz they build a real sense of... well... "Team". You can be on multiple Tech Teams. If shoots end up conflicting, we’ll work it out.   So Far This fall's Tech Teams will are Soccer, Swimming, Football and “Inside Football’
(No, silly. They don’t play football “Inside”. This is our award winning show taking a look INSIDE the Kennedy and Jefferson football programs.)

Sign up for TECH TEAM now!  

Sports Schedule (as of Early September)

This fall we know we’ll be covering ALL the home football game for Kennedy and for Jefferson. They’re on our production calendar already, along with our weekly Inside Football studio shows. 

We let each sports team at Kennedy and Jefferson weigh in on which events of theirs we cover. We’re still waiting for input from some coaches and booster clubs to decide which events from other fall sports get covered.  As we get these worked out, they’ll be added to our production calendar. That could add another 60 or so opportunities just this fall.  Yee Haw! 

We expect that - like last year - COVID will force some changes in sports schedules as we get rolling. Flexibility is key.

We know that some of our the favorite fall events to cover - like the Heritage Days Parade - have already been cancelled.  Dang!

Some More Pictures from Last Year

Football - Various games

Bloomington Stadium before the last regular season football game


Inside Football


More Football


Swimming Set Up

Tech Ed Conference


Jefferson Control Room

BPS Community Engagement Event

Football at Kennedy's Turf

Swimming at Oak Grove controlled at Kennedy

Kennedy Outdoor Choir Concert

Kennedy Outdoor Band Concert

Prom & Graduation