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Welcome to the BEC-TV Tech Portal!

This site is for students Gr 7 and up who team with Bloomington Educational Cable Television to make great TV programming for the community.

TechUpdate: Spring!

Check this out, it's got cool stuff ->

A response on the Spring Participation form is required for every Tech who considers themselves a part of BEC. It's past the deadline, so we really need that response!

Remember to Sign in at Shoots/Events!

This year we implemented a new way to track your time helping at BEC-TV by using a simple Google Form.

Please remember to sign in each time you're doing work for BEC-TV , and remind others to as well.

Look for the QR codes posted at our shoot locations. (Snapchat has a QR code reader built in- point your camera at the code and tap and hold. The posters also have a link written out.) Once you open this on your phone, bookmark it!

If you don't have a phone, ask a staff member or fellow Tech and they'll help you out.

If you forgot to sign in while at the event, you can do it later HERE. (Look for "Old shoots" if it's not on the current list)

Don't forget you to also log your time for helping in other ways than shoots. Editing, engineering, event planning, etc, all count! There are options on the same Sign In form.

Contact us at 952-681-5900 or

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