IEP & Transition Resources & Samples

Here is are some sample IEP Transition sections: the Present Levels related to current Post-secondary Transition Goals, as well as ideas to fill in the Transition 'Grid'.

Make sure to have the Present Levels connect to the Needs, to the Transition Grid, Goals and Specially Designed Instruction, as well as Positive Behavior Support Plan, if it applies.

Sample Transition Cheat Sheet.docx
SAAFP College Bound sample.pdf

Here is another sample SAAFP, this one for a College Bound Student.

Nicole Sample, SAAFP.doc

Here is a sample Summary of Academic and Functional Performance (SAAFP) for a student.

Template for SAAFP.docx

Here is a sample Template for completing the SAAFP for a senior who is graduating. It includes some contact information for the Northampton Community College, but can easily be updated by looking up the student's desired Post-Secondary Institution and filling in the correct information.

Here is another sample of a Senior Summary with updated (2019) information from local schools and agencies.

Senior Summaries.docx

Transition Section Resources for Teachers

Post Secondary Education for Staff

Senior NOREP Reference Information

Senior Summary NOREP Info