BASD Transition Access Center

Who are you? What do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Passion in life? What is your purpose? Where do you want to live? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Etc.

Many questions begin swirling around students as they enter high school, all involving the future. It can be a very daunting and overwhelming process, whether you are 14 or 21. The goal of this website is to compile resources and suggested materials together in one location, easily accessible for students, parents, teachers and counselors, to utilize in supporting students to find their future pathways, and build an educational program which meets their individual needs!

Once a student reaches the age of 14, or enters High School, many doors begin to open for that student. It is the job of the IEP Team to scaffold supports around the interests, strengths and needs of that student to create an individualized plan which helps them achieve their dreams.

This Transition process, from high school life to adulthood can last up until the age of 21 and can look different for each child. Many aspects come into play during this time, including assessments, both formal and informal, educational coursework, and future plans, but they all must revolve around the following three areas:

  1. Post-Secondary Education
  2. Employment
  3. Independent Living

This site is organized in multiple ways, first by providing resources, then sorted by potential Future Plan areas, as well as Grade Level and Role (Parent, Student, Teacher).

But the overall goal remains the same:

Help Facilitate Effective and Efficient, Personalized Transition Planning for All Students

Are you a student visiting this site? If so, which grade level are you currently in? Some activities are more fitting for each stage in your high school career....

Are you unsure what you want to do in the future?

That's OK! We know, many times it changes from one year to the next. Use these pages as tools to help you narrow down your options!

*Don't Forget to access Naviance and explore the tools available to you on there, as well!

What Role do you play with the IEP team? Would you like to find out more about how you can become actively engaged in this process? Click the links below.

Don't forget to talk to your teachers, counselors and Assistant Principals, as well as utilize your school provided resources,

  1. Bethlehem Area School District
  2. Freedom High School Website
  3. Liberty High School Website
  4. There are a multitude of resources included here on the BASD G-Suite, as well. (Like BASD Email, Schoology, Google Classroom, Calendar, etc.)

Read more about the laws surrounding Special Education and Transition, as well as accessing resources here: