Independent Living

Use the Resources below to plan and prepare for your Independent Living Goals


Use this checklist to choose and evaluate activities you may need to participate in to be ready to live independently or find the best living situation for you!


This form will help the IEP Team decide whether an Independent Living Goal is right for you, and which one that might be!

*If you have had attendance or disciplinary issues in high school, you should probably work on skills to live independently!


Complete this inventory about Independent Living Skills to see where your strengths and needs fall.


What do you DREAM of doing? Where is your passion? What is your purpose?

Use this sheet to help sort out those goals!

Self-Det-Self-Advocacy Checklist Cell 10.pdf

In order to live independently, you need to possess adequate Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy skills.

Can you ask for help? Can you make goals and reach them? Can you advocate for what support you need to be successful.

Complete this checklist to find out!


Once you turn 18, you should register to Vote.

The green sheet gives directions to help you register to vote, although your Case Manager can always help as well.

The white sheet to the right is the actual application you need, in order to register.

Please exercise this amazing Freedom that we possess!


Want to find out more? Check out the Pennsylvania Secondary Transition Guide, which breaks down all areas by age and interest.