Contact Us

Freedom's Main Office Number: 610-867-5843

Case Managers

In order to reach your case manager, use the contact information with extensions below:

(extensions & emails are listed below)

Mrs. Caffrey-Rodriguez, Ext. #53302,

Mrs. Calvo: Ext. #53945,

Mr. Grigg: Ext. #53966,

Ms. Hart: Ext. #53135,

Mrs. Hujsa: Ext. #53203,

Mrs. Medve: Ext. #53973,

Mrs. Orlemann: Ext. #53099,

Mrs. Krystel Oleksza: Ext. #53968,

Mrs. Safranek: Ext. #53978,

Mrs. Schmidt, Ext. #53913,

Mr. Schoeneberger: Ext. #53974,

Mrs. Statile: Ext. #53979,

Ms. Torres: Ext. #53097,

Mrs. Webb: Ext. #53937,

Mr. Webb, Ext. #53979,

Guidance Counselor Assignments

Student Service Center: Room 207

Mrs. Loretta Lohenitz, A - Cap

Ms. Tara McGoff, Car - E

Mr. Christian Lynde, F - He

Mr.John Kaczmarek, Hi - L

Mrs. Jeanne Negron-Garcia, M - O

Mrs. Melanie Houser, P - Ron

Mrs. Selines Oquendo, Roo - S

Mr. Mike Hercik, T - Z

Guidance Secretaries – Office 207

Joyce Rose , From A to L, Ext. 53904

TBD, From M to Z, Ext. 53907

Attendance Secretaries – Office 227

Pat Whirl, From A to L, Ext. 53905

Marisol Nales, From M to Z, Ext. 53908