Printable Assessments

Below you will find printable assessments and resources for Transition Planning


This Strength Activity assessment will help students better identify their own strengths and help figure how they utilize those strengths in their day to day life and how they can apply them to a future career path.

3.01 My Transferable Skills.pdf

Use this assessment to identify areas of strength and weakness related to transferable (skills you can use after high school), as well as to create SMART goals for your future.


Use this Transition Questionnaire to help students decide which outcomes they would like to see for themselves in the three areas of transition on the IEP.


This formal interview model of a Student Transition Survey can be completed at any time and addresses all areas of future planning for a student.


This Transition Assessment Tool can be used by Students, Parents or Teachers to identify strengths and needs of a student and build a transition plan and supporting activities to help transition that student from high school to adult life.


This 70 question Transition Planning Assessment looks at areas of Employability, Post Secondary Education, Home Living, Recreation and more and identifies skills that students have mastered, as well as ones they may need to improve upon.

Self-Det-Self-Advocacy Checklist Cell 10.pdf

This formal Self-Determination/Self-Advocacy Checklist will help identify the areas a student may struggle in regarding how well they know themselves and their ability to seek assistance.

OVR application.pdf

This is the Pennsylvania application for participation in the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation services. This should be completed during the 10th-11th grade school year and an OVR representative can be invited to attend the IEP meeting for 11th-12th grade.