Future Plans

What do you want to do in your ideal future? 1 year? 5 years? 10 Years?

Where do you want to live?

What kind of career do you see yourself enjoying?

How much Post-Secondary Schooling do you need to accomplish that goal?

What will you do for fun in the future?

These are all really important questions, and often very difficult ones to answer for many high school students. Are the goals they have realistic? Are they taking the necessary steps to get CLOSER to that goal?

How can their team, Teachers, Counselors, Parents, Students, Support Staff, etc., help them realize their goals as a reality?

In High School, the IEP takes on the role of a new catalyst, instead of focusing solely on a child's educational plan. This time, it is one for Transitioning that child out of the four safe walls of their high school into the wild, big, wide world. It is the job of the IEP team to help students work through these unknowns during their time in high school and emerge, at graduation as a responsible citizen with a realist, and personalized, exciting plan for their future.

This plan will look different for each child, but will ultimately address three main areas:

  1. Post-Secondary Education
  2. Employment
  3. Independent Living

Use the links above to explore each of these areas a bit more.


Transition Pathways Brochure,

Helps explain choices and options.

Please utilize the PA Secondary Transition Guide for a lot of your Transition Questions

Online Pre-Application Instructions for Customers (6.21.17) (004) (00000002).docx

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation: This service provides employment/vocation support for students with disabilities after they graduate from high school, through age 62. It is HIGHLY recommended that students apply for this service and begin the process during their Junior Year of High School.