11th Grade

11th grade is a very important year, where decisions about your future begin to become more solidified, and you should start to anticipate and plan for your transition after high school.

This is the year you should be taking the SAT for the first time, and making sure your transcript is the best that it could be.

  • If you are planning to attend college, this year is very important in making sure you meet your course requirements and are prepared to apply for college. It is essential that you utilize Naviance to further develop this goal and get your applications in order.
  • If you are planning to attend a Community or Trade School, 11th grade is an important year to make sure you are involved in the appropriate coursework, potentially participating in a program at Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School.
  • If you are planning to enter the work force after graduation,

It is also very important that you continue to complete your required Community Service Hours. Click on this link: Community Service, to find out more and see updates and opportunities.


Many of our students participate in Dual Enrollment programs offered at Northampton Community College. We also offer a University Scholars Program for our top students with Lehigh University, Moravian College, Lafayette College and DeSales University. Our Business and Technology Department offers a seven credit certificate program in Accounting, Marketing, Information Processing and Finance & Banking. Our Fine and Practical Arts Department offers a certificate program for students who plan to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education. Vocational and technical education is available for all students through Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School, and their program includes senior honors programs in engineering, in cooperation with Lafayette College and a medical academy, through Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Hello Juniors!

Freedom is pleased to introduce Naviance Student – a comprehensive website that you can use to plan for college and a career. Naviance Student is linked with Naviance, a service that we use in our office to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that is specific to our school.

Naviance Student allows you to:

  • Get involved in the planning and advising process – Build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers
  • Research colleges – Compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past
  • Research careers – Research hundreds of careers and career clusters, and take career assessments
  • Create plans for the future – Create goals and to-dos, and complete tasks assigned to you by the school to better prepare yourself for your future college and career goals

Naviance Student also lets us share information with you about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information. You can also use the site to stay in communication with the counseling office.

We hope that you will find this resource helpful. If you have questions about Naviance Student, please see your specific guidance counselor.

Attached you will find a handout specific to the assembly you attended. It gives you tips and pointers with Naviance Student in relation to applying to college. Please show this handout to your family!

Junior Naviance Student Handout.pdf
Online Pre-Application Instructions for Customers (6.21.17) (004) (00000002).docx

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation: This service provides employment/vocation support for students with disabilities after they graduate from high school, through age 62. It is HIGHLY recommended that students apply for this service and begin the process during their Junior Year of High School.


This transition assessment helps identify interests, preferences, strengths and needs relating to job training, post-secondary education and training, community participation, recreation and leisure and independent living skills.


Use this list of suggested Activities and Services for inclusion in your IEP for the upcoming year, in order to prepare for your transition after high school.


This sheet can be used in 11th or 12th grade to identify your 'Dream' or ideal future life outcome.


This checklist can be used as a discussion guide in preparing for life after high school. Use it at your meeting to talk about your progress and how best to plan for your future.